3 Top Picks for Your Next House Cat

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Who doesn’t love cats? There are so many different breeds to choose from that it can be confusing. Most cats are a fantastic choice for most homes, but some require more looking after than other breeds. Having the preparations in place for whatever breed you choose can ensure you will look after you cat in the right way. A happy cat often results in a happy home. So many cat owners have found so much pleasure in living with a feline, so it’s no surprise if you are thinking of getting one. If you are thinking of getting one then make sure to check out some of our suggestions if you are in the market for a new cat!

Long-Hair Cat of Choice – the Himalayan Cat

Long-hair cats have often been the choice of the rich and famous and our choice breed is the Himalayan cat. Who would not want this beautiful ball of fluff around their home? We picked this adorable cloud in particular because of its regal attitude and elegant appearance. When you see one of these cats you can tell this cat thinks it owns the place.

This breed came about from the mix of two other breeds that already have a royal history of their own. The Siamese cat, which is where it gets it striking blue eyes and black fur on its face from. With the fluffy coat from the Persian breed of cat. 

Owners of this cat can expect them to be likeable and adaptable. These cats can often act warm towards everyone they come across. They like the attention of strangers and will quickly melt the heart of anyone who sees them. These cats are not big fans of loud environments so if you are interested in housing one, you will want to make sure you keep the noise low. If you have energic children that do not know how to play with cats, this cat might not be the best option for you. 

Many a Himalayan cat love to sit on their owner’s laps when they want attention. If they do not receive the attention, they want they can lean towards mischief which is easy to correct if you are raising your cat well. Just like with any animal, they can grow up to be loving and loyal to you. They are the perfect companion for anyone really, even if they do love getting a bit of attention. 

Short-Hair Cat of Choice – British Shorthair Cat

Admittedly, some could argue that the British Shorthair cat is more a medium hair cat. This does not take anything away from how cute this breed is. This breed is noted for its signature rounded features. Possible some of the most rounded features of any famous breed. We think this breed is adorable which is why the British Shorthair is our short hair cat of choice. 

You can expect this cat to be loyal, intelligent and exceedingly dignified. The British Shorthair is the definition of classy. These cats love to sit on their owners laps more then any other. Be careful though – these cats can be little feline furnaces. These cats are perfect for a chilly winter’s day though! Nothing better then snuggling up with a cute British Shorthair.

Most Striking Cat – The Russian Blue Cat

For us, the most striking cat breed must be the Russian Blue. Their famous plush blue coat and green eyes are captivating. Their short coat has an iconic silvery sheen to it that gives it a mysterious midnight feel. The rounded eyes that are exaggerated by its cobra-like face shape. Add to its mysterious look. Because of its look and temperament, you will find it difficult to snuggle with like you would a British Shorthair cut but that does not mean the Russian blue is any less affectionate.

Russian Blue cats are often characterised by their independence. These cats are happy to do their own thing, but they do also become very attached to their family members. They are often shy around strangers so do not expect them to be the life of the party. In addition, they love consistency in their routine and love a very clean litter box. Generally, they are quiet and easy to train. 

To conclude, we have outlined some top choices for a new cat. With the Himalayan, Russian Blue and British Shorthair being our favorites. All these cat breeds would be fantastic choices for the right household. When choosing a cat, you need to think about your personal circumstances and how they would affect the cat. This way you can make the right choice for your lifestyle and your new family member.

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