4 Best Bathroom Paint Colours

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If you’re thinking about decorating your house or rental, it’s important to choose the right colours. To help you decide your next design move, we’ve broken down our top 4 paint colours that can transform your bathroom and why you should take the plunge. 

  • Whites 

No ode to bathroom paint would be complete without a mention of trusty white paint. White’s are perfect as they make any bathroom appear lighter and bigger, even if they are small in size. Although you may think “that’s a bit boring”, white can actually be used as a blank canvas, allowing other elements to shine. If you have statement concrete tiles or brightly coloured accessories, white paint provides the perfect backdrop to make them pop.  

Not to mention white never goes out of fashion like some other colours, so it’s a popular neutral that will make selling your house easier later down the line. White bathroom paint comes in a range of shades, so there’s one to suit virtually every bathroom (even those with no windows!). 

  • Greens 

Known for being a calming, cool colour, green is becoming the ever-popular bathroom paint choice. Available in a wide range of tones and hues, green paint is a versatile option for many bathrooms. Whether you’re after something invigorating or calming, either can be achieved depending on what shade you choose to go for. 

By combining a serene green with an array of plants you’re well on your way to creating a calming haven, perfect for soaking away the stresses of the day. 

  • Greys 

A popular choice throughout the home, greys are also a great choice for family bathrooms. Grey is a versatile colour that makes bathrooms feel crisp, bright and sophisticated. Popular over the years, grey works well in period and contemporary properties alike and is showing no signs of going away. 

Greys come in a range of hues, so it’s easy to find one that fits your bathroom perfectly. As a calming neutral, grey goes with an array of tiles and accessories making reselling your house easy as can be. 

  • Blues 

Last but not least is the blues. Nothing says tranquil like a calming blue bathroom! With connotations of the beach and being by the seaside, blue ideal for creating a calming family bathroom. Whether you opt for a subtle blue or recreate the look of the Hamptons with dark blue walls and white fixtures, there are blue bathroom options for minimalists and maximalists alike. 

Why not pair your blue bathroom with crisp white towels for that extra sense of calming hotel-luxury? 

Whether you’re redesigning your entire bathroom or just looking to freshen things up with a lick of paint, you can’t go wrong with any of our top 4 bathroom colours. If you’re looking to get stuck in, remember to go for mould, steam and condensation resistance paint to keep your bathroom looking fresher for longer. 

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