5 Big Cities You’ve Got to See

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You travel the way you live your life, “go big or go home.” If you’re going to invest the time and money into a trip, you want to pack in as much as possible. You’d never be content to lie on a beach for a week—a couple of hours, maybe; but you need a vacation filled with art, culture and excitement.

Pack your bags and find your next trip among this list of big cities that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Finally, a vacation that can keep up with you.

New York City


New York City is an exciting convergence of culture, entertainment, finance, art and media. You can sample cuisine from around the world within a few city blocks or take a stroll across the park to visit world class museums like the Met, Guggenheim, and American Museum of Natural History. Even if this is your first, or hundredth, trip to New York, you can always find something new to explore in the most populated city in the United States. You’ve been to Chinatown in Manhattan? Check out what some say is the real Chinatown in Flushing, Queens. Walked all of Central Park? Take the train to Brooklyn and wander Prospect Park instead.



You can’t fully understand the concept of a city having a pulse until you visit one of the world’s most populated cities. Tokyo is a thoroughly modern city that is always reinventing itself, with a futuristic, neon skyline, clean streets, efficient public transportation system and its obsession with fashion and pop-culture. Yet, look closely and you can still glimpse Tokyo’s past through sumo tournaments, kabuki theater, or traditional yakitori stands. What’s more, Tokyo is a foodie’s dream, earning more Michelin stars than any other city.



London is a modern city that still wears its history on its sleeve. You are never far from a beautifully preserved historical site like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey or the Tower of London. Many of London’s world-renowned museums are free to the public, from the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square to the impressive Tate Modern across the Millennium Bridge. Make sure to explore London’s many diverse neighborhoods, perhaps by wandering through one of the fabulous street markets in Camden or Notting Hill.

Los Angeles


When you think of Los Angeles, you probably think of Hollywood, beaches, blonde beauties and palm trees. LA delivers all of that, and also so much more. Despite its reputation as a sprawling metropolis (research actually shows that it is the least sprawling big city in the United States), Los Angeles might be best defined by its diverse and colorful neighborhoods. Visit Venice for a glimpse at true California beach culture, walking the boardwalk for some of the best people watching in the world. For a wonderful contrast, head East and take a hike in Griffith Park, taking in the magical view from Griffith Observatory. There is a reason so many people come to Los Angeles to visit and end up falling in love with the laid back LA lifestyle. If it happens to you, find a new place to live using a trusted source like Rent.com.

Rio de Janeiro


Known in Brazil as the Marvelous City, Rio is a destination that lives up to its reputation. A city of over 12 million people, it may be counter-intuitive that Rio is most famous for its natural beauty, from the 45 miles of white sand beaches, to the sweeping views from the surrounding mountains. Soak in Rio’s bright and enthusiastic culture, exploring the vendors at the Feira Hippie, dancing to Brazilian music at a club, or treating your taste buds at a sidewalk café or award-winning restaurant.

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