5 Everyday Essentials Women Need in Their Closet

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With the commencement of every new season, comes a bunch of fashion queries and doubts to fashion junkies. For instance, ‘Should I follow the new trends?’ or ‘How much should I spend on clothing?’ and more. But instead of buying random pieces to be trendy and funky, it is advised to fill your closet with classic and timeless essentials that you would need in your everyday life. 

Your wardrobe should consist of a curated collection that you love wearing and that makes you feel good about yourself. That said, you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort. You can pick pieces that offer you both style and comfort. Below we have shared some of the most common everyday essentials that every woman must have in her closet. 

Basic Tees in Multiple Shades

Since it’s the summer season, who doesn’t need a white t-shirt? And even if it’s spring or autumn, tees never go out of fashion. It should be a staple in every woman’s closet. And the best thing is that you can pair tees with multiple clothing, such as denim jeans (the classic combo), a long skirt, short skirt, pants, and whatnot! No matter how you style it, you should be tees in multiple shades. 

Oversized Clothing Is the New Trend

Oversized clothing has taken over the styling game over the past few years. Remember those not-so-popular baggy jeans, oversized sweatshirts, maxi skirts, and flannel shirts? Those are the latest trends now. And its popularity skyrocketed because people started viewing oversized clothes as a form of body liberation where one doesn’t focus on the body image but on comfort, movement, fabric quality, and style.

Comfy Footwear

There are dozens of footwear options for women. But what to choose? Starting with the basics, you must shop for those comfy and fluffy slippers for your everyday needs. You can buy those slippers online easily. Other than that, flats and ballets, a pair of heels that you can wear every other day, are two must options when it comes to footwear. 


Denim is timeless apparel that will always be in fashion, no matter what. Every woman must have a variety of washes, including dark wash, medium wash, light wash, and a pair of black jeans too. Speaking of the popular fits, baggy jeans, wide leg jeans, straight fit, and mom jeans are a few of the options that you must have. You can pair denim with tees, shirts, and shirt-dresses. 


You might have collected numerous pairs of sunglasses over the years, yet when you’re all set to step outside, you aren’t just satisfied with the look. Well, this is because you don’t own a classic pair of glasses that can rock any outfit. An aviator or retro square pair are two of the most classic styles that can help you pull off your best outfits. Also, you can consider buying cheap pairs so that you don’t feel bad when they suddenly get out of style. 

Well, now that you know the everyday essentials you must have, go and fill your wardrobe with the latest pieces of all of these. 

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