5 items worth buying before you start a fitness regime

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Are you thinking about launching into a dedicated fitness regime? It looks like a good time to do so, given that the COVID-19 threat is continuing to linger and so make a healthy lifestyle look very tempting. You wouldn’t necessarily need a gym membership to get started, either.

That’s because many of the items you need are just a few shopping trips away – but what exactly should you buy from the immense choice available? Here are some items to prioritise buying.

Stationary bicycle

There are two particularly large pieces of the get-fit puzzle: cardiovascular exercise and strength training. For the former, an exercise bike can make a great buy, not least as you wouldn’t require any training to use it. Nonetheless, you should opt for one that has a comfortable, adjustable seat.

All the same, Harvard Health Publishing notes that, if you are eager to guard against the onset of osteoporosis, weight-bearing exercise would be better than using an exercise bike for this task.

Hand weights

You can help yourself to build strength by harnessing resistance – which can come from gravity, your body weight, external weight or tension. The basics of strength equipment include hand weights, though you should be careful to choose those that account for your current weight.

For example, you could benefit from starting with sets of weights of just 2 pounds and 5 pounds or 5 pounds and 8 pounds before adding heavier weights later down the line.

Resistance bands

These are other examples of strength equipment, and can enable you to achieve a full-body strength workout. As with hand weights, you can save money if you shop around.

With resistance bands, there are various ways to adjust the resistance. For example, you can adjust the number of repetitions you put yourself through, while there’s also the option of positioning your hands or feet nearer to, or further apart from, each together on the band before you begin.


What you wear when exercising can make a surprisingly big difference to the fruit your workout regime bears. One good case in point is a tracksuit – which, as Camden New Journal explains, would allow you to move freely as you attempt your exercises.

Wearing a tracksuit as you exercise can also spur a higher rate of calorie-burning. Fortunately, it’s not hard to look online for functionally effective, but also stylish, tracksuits for women.

Foam roller

Like a tracksuit, a foam roller can serve as a somewhat unsung hero of many an exercise session – as what you do following your workout is just as important as what you do during it.

With a foam roller at hand, you can foam roll your muscles to eliminate lactic acid your body has accumulated during the workout. Consequently, you can look forward to a drastically improved recovery time, as an Entrepreneur article reveals.

Your foam roller could also help you to prevent aches and pains arising from your work day if you currently spend much of that day sat at a desk.

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