5 Ways to Bring Your Style to the Office

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The dress code in a workplace can be quite conservative, and that’s not a bad thing, but it does make it hard to bring your own style and personality to your outfits. What we wear is a way of expressing ourselves and saying a little about the person we are, and we can do this in the office without having to bring too much color or sparkle to our work wardrobe.

Preparing an outfit for a special occasion is an important thing, and we should be able to do the same thing for important meetings or presentations, or when meeting prospective clients. Here we are going to look at five ways we can show our style at work and still present a professional appearance that satisfies the requirements of the company’s dress code.

Get Your Jewelry Right

The dress code on jewelry in workplaces can be quite strict, especially if you are working in a business that is in the food and beverage industry or in the field of high-tech and science. It is good to have a wide selection of earrings and bracelets to help set an outfit off, which are quite plain but offer some color to work with. Metallics are a good choice here, gold hoops go with anything, and having some pastel colored wristwear and matching studs can present you with a number of options if you want to brighten up your office wear to suit sunny weather.

Another good option is to have some necklaces to bring the best out of a work blouse or dress. Silver and gold are again a good go-to, but be sure to include more than just chains. What we wear around our neck gives us an opportunity to bring shape and movement into our ensemble, so think about getting some larger necklaces that offer something to catch the eye. Using black or grays in this area lets us tie in what little color there is in office wear to a plain white blouse.

Hats, Scarves, and Handkerchiefs

What we wear when we arrive at the office is a chance to show who we are when we aren’t at work. Coats and umbrellas are often used to bring some color and flair to the workplace, but you don’t have these options all year around. Using hats and scarves, something warm and wooly in the winter and then light and colorful in the summer, means you can add something to your look whatever the weather.

Dull blazers are one of many working women’s frustrations. The pantsuit has been ubiquitous since the ’80s and everyone has two or three to fall back on, and the blazers for the suits go with any kind of skirt and quickly change a mismatched evening skirt and creased blouse into a workable outfit if you wake up late. The problem is how dull and boring, and pin-striped, some can be. Having a few handkerchiefs, even some plain white ones, can add that little something to a last-minute outfit. Just pop it in the top pocket with a fold or ruffle.


The accessories we choose to go with our ensemble always present a great opportunity to express our personality and even our interests. Broaches and belts are a well-known way to bring something extra to your outfit. Hairpins and clips can also offer the chance to add color or shapes to work clothes, and some character.

Many people are using customized accessories to show a bit of themselves while staying true to the dress code. Having a custom lapel pin can bring some individuality to the job or be used as a workplace theme. Sometimes you can use these custom accessories to bring color and unity to the whole team as this informational post shows you. You are never the only person sitting in a sea of gray and black, wishing some color and shine could be found somewhere in the office.

Use Your Cellphone

Having a unique or colorful cellphone cover can be a chance to add some vibrancy to a dull workspace. There are thousands of designs to choose from for just about every cellphone make and model, and hundreds of styles too. You can get a one-of-a-kind look for just a few dollars from a new cover, so why not have a few you can easily swap between?

There are a number of new accessories for cell phones, from the cute to the classy, with little chains and characters that attach to the corners, to rings and holders that stick to the back of your cell phone so it rests securely in your fingers when you carry it. There are also special cases that can bring you something extra on the more expensive end of the cell phone accessory market. These can add lights or jewels, and real gold and silver to a cellphone.

Bag Extra Style!

No one should have to tell you how important a purse or bag is or the opportunity it gives you for style and flair. Your bag is probably one of your best friends at work and will often be far bigger than a small clutch or handbag. It’s a good idea to carry one of these inside your larger bag, so you can keep important things easy to find inside. Are you always struggling to find your purse or keys or lipstick in a big work bag, full of files and papers and bits of gosh knows what? You can cut down on those Mary Poppins moments by having a small clutch with a few essentials inside, and this doubles your style opportunities. You can leave the mothership under the desk at work use your smaller purse to get things done around the office.

Even if your job is exciting and entertaining, with new fun emails every minute, the chances are your workplace and its dress code keep your surroundings dull and uninspiring. Hopefully, this guide has given you some help in bringing some style to work.

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