6 Contemporary Elements to Add to Your Home

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So, you have decided to give your home a refreshingly contemporary look and feel. The question now is, how exactly do you go about it? The key is to add a few distinctive contemporary elements to each room. Some of these unique elements are highlighted below. 


Lighting plays an important role in distinguishing between traditional and contemporary aesthetics within a home. You will often find that more traditional homes make use of lamps and soft lighting, with every room separated from the next. In contemporary homes, on the other hand, the floor plan is more flowing and the lighting more abundant. There is also a large focus on letting as much natural light in as possible. Think skylights, massive sliding doors and windows, and translucent glass throughout the interior. 


Nothing contributes comfort to the interior space of a home quite like a fireplace. While many may think of fireplaces as more traditional in nature, there are numerous designs which exude that contemporary aesthetic, bringing all of the modern elements of the interior together. Companies like Stonewoods can supply you with a wide array of contemporary-style fireplaces, for both real and gas fires. 


Creating that distinguished contemporary look is hinged on choosing the right colour scheme. Most interior designers will agree that the secret lies in keeping the main colours neutral, sticking closely to nudes and understated hues, and then lifting those colours with brighter accents. The brighter and more colourful the accents, the better. For example, you may choose a hazy grey as your dominant colour and pair it with a vibrant purple. 

Natural touches 

The use of natural materials within a residential home is distinctly contemporary. This goes beyond simply adding more plants to each room – although doing so helps a lot, too. It also revolves around embracing various other natural elements, especially in terms of furniture. These elements include wood, rock, slate, teak, etc. The natural vibe can also extend to the floors, with plush woollen carpets being a top choice.  Check out Etsy for further eco-friendly goodies for your home!


Unlike more rustic-style homes, contemporary interiors are free to embrace as much technology as possible. In fact, the more technology, the more contemporary the home is likely to feel. 

Open floor plan 

As already mentioned, the rooms within contemporary homes tend to flow into each other. In many instances, contemporary homes fully embrace the open floor plan style of living. The idea behind an open floor plan is to create a sense of unity between the rooms and bring the entire home ‘together’. Even if your home has not been built in such a way, it is possible to make it feel more open plan and united, by simply extending the interior décor and general themes throughout the home from one room to the next. 

Creating a contemporary look and feel is easier than it may seem. You just have to get started and allow the creativity to flow! Be sure to enjoy the process, as well as the final result.

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