7 Ways Cabo destination weddings have changed since COVID-19

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The current pandemic has given birth to new norms in almost all aspects of our lives. Going to work with face shields and masks and queuing in grocery stores within a safe distance of each other are a few examples of how this dreaded virus continues to reshape how we live.

In the case of weddings, it comes as a surprise though that couples (and a good majority of them) have decided to reschedule but not cancel. According to a Los Cabos wedding planner, many have had their destination weddings rescheduled for 2021, if not late this year. It only goes to show that couples, even at these trying times, are not giving up that easily. Indeed love conquers all – including COVID.

However, there are new realities that must be embraced by soon-to-be-wed couples like you for the sake of the safety of loved ones and guests. Here are a couple of changes to Cabo weddings due to Covid 19 and new norms you could look into before finalizing your wedding plans:

Wedding favors in the new-normal

There is a change in choices for wedding favors. For the past many years, a pretty box of treats (chocolates, mints, and tea bags) and fun trinkets are staple favors. Now, it is the season to shift to more practical giveaways. What could be more apt than giving out small pump bottles filled with lightly-scented hand sanitizers? A personalized embroidered bolsa pequena with pastel-colored mini soaps are also fun souvenir ideas that get the message through. Mini sachets of hand wipes packed in cute wooden boxes and served in glass trays are also a unique wedding favor.

Masks in abundance

Wedding venues will require masks. Disposable masks are inexpensive, so it will not drain your pocket to have loads of them on the day of your wedding. Some guests may need extras. It is better to stock on these items. If you have the time and extra resources, you can order reusable face masks from online stores. There are a growing number of small businesses that make custom face masks. There are a lot of colors and prints you can choose from, and you can even opt for designs that will match your wedding theme.

Intimate over grand 

Resort hotels and other destination wedding venues have reopened but with limited capacity. They want to make sure that guests observe social distancing at all times. A large crowd at a wedding is not as ideal as of the moment. Hotels and resorts are not yet keen on operating at full capacity. In keeping with this, you might as well hold a more intimate wedding rather than a grand one. It might be difficult to cut your list of guests but believe it or not, many of your friends fully understand the situation. 

Fewer flight schedules

Hotels were not the only ones operating under capacity. In most countries, air travel was allowed only when essential. As a result, there were fewer flight schedules. Many airports remain closed. Flight capacity reductions rose to ultimate highs months ago, although airports are now starting to reopen as each country tries to ease lockdowns. Given this changing scenario, you have to plan your destination wedding very much ahead of time to give your guests enough elbow room to book their flights towards your Mexican wedding destination. 

Enhanced sanitation measures

Public places like resort hotels have to level-up their cleaning protocols to keep Covid-19 millions of miles at bay. Some have used electronic disinfectant sprays in fitness rooms, guest areas, and restaurants. Rooms get sanitized more frequently. Frequently touched room switches and remote controls get disinfected with higher grade sanitizers. Frequent cleaning in hallways where traffic is high may be a bit disturbing for some guests. Remind them gently of the enhanced cleaning protocols.

Need to emphasize safety 

It is a must to remind guests about COVID protocols in the most polite way. While everyone is aware of the basic dos and don’ts during a pandemic, it will help to remind them in advance. They will not take it against you. They know you are after their welfare. You can have these reminders printed on your personalized welcome cards.

Adaptability: A crucial trait

These days and in this situation, your coping skills are tested. No matter how well you planned your wedding day, there will be kinks. More so, with the possibility of meeting cancellations, new lockdowns, and even evolving viruses, you must make intelligent assessments and then take action. It is possible to receive announcements about new travel restrictions right in the middle of your flight plans and booking arrangements with Pedregal Cabo. But when you can adapt to crises, you will be able to stay in control and think of solutions despite the setbacks.

The crisis brought changes in wedding day celebrations and has affected a lot of couples. Changes may be temporary or are here to stay. We are not even sure of what the new reality is in the years to come. But uncertainties should not stop you. Go on and pursue your wedding as planned with renewed hope and optimism.

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