7 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

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The aging process is not something we can avoid forever, so it is sensible to reconcile yourself to the fact that sooner or later your face and body will lose its youthful bloom. However, this does not mean you need to give up making any effort whatsoever and invest in a pair of comfy slippers. Even if how well we age is in part predetermined by genetics, there is plenty we can do to slow down the passage of time and look younger than your years –and here’s how.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is an immensely powerful anti-aging treatment and if you don’t get enough of it, it won’t be long before your skin starts to look dull and washed out. Experts say the optimum amount of sleep is between seven and eight hours a night. Any less on a regular basis and those dark circles beneath your eyes will end up being permanent.

Date a Younger Man

They say you are only as young as the man you feel, so start dating a toy boy and feel those years slip away. Embrace your inner cougar and have fun – if Kylie Minogue can get away with it, so can you.

Have Lots of Sex

If you are dating a much younger man, lots of sex will probably be high on your agenda, but even if you have been happily married for years, don’t discount the anti-aging benefits of regular sex even if it’s with a realcock crystal clear dildo! Many people turn to sex toys to raise their sex drive and get experimental with their partners. Scientific studies have shown that women who have a healthy sex life can look between five and seven years younger than their peers. You’ll also feel great!

Eat the Right Foods

There is no one food that will knock years off your face, but eating healthy foods helps to deliver the right nutrients to your skin, which will ensure you look far younger than you really are. Stay away from sugary foods and eat fruits and vegetables. Avocados are great for the skin, as are oranges and oily fish such as salmon.

Have Some “Work” on Your Face

Celebrities will do anything to halt the passage of time because their careers often depend on staying youthful for as long as possible. We are not advocating a facelift, although if that is what you want it is your prerogative, but there are other, less invasive, ways of knocking a few years off your face. Just make sure you visit a reputable clinic such as cotswoldfaceaestheticsclinic.co.uk for advice.

Avoid Stress

It’s no great secret that chronic stress makes us older than our years. The good news is that you can counteract the effects of stress by taking regular exercise. It might not stop you going prematurely grey, but it will definitely limit some of the damage.  Take some time for yourself and go to a Silky Smooth Beauty Spa

Be Happy

Stressed-out depressed people look older than they are whereas happy, relaxed people look younger. If you have a difficult life, demanding job and a challenging family, of course you are going to age faster. So instead of putting up with it, be your own advocate and take back control. Learn to be happy and let it all go. Your face will thank you for it.

Lastly, don’t forget to use a good quality face moisturiser before you go to bed – it can help to repair some of the damage wrought by everyday life.

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