A beginner’s guide to casino promotions

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We all love something for nothing. Whether it’s 20% off a pair of shoes, a 2-for-1 offer on a meal out, or some coupons to redeem on our shopping. We love an offer, a promotion, or a bonus. The same can be said about online gaming and casinos. What better way to attract new players, or reward existing ones than with a bonus? If you’re not quite clued up on all the promotions and offers available, don’t worry as we will reveal all in this post. But promotions also vary between providers – with some online casinos offering more promotions than others – so sometimes it’s best to know what kind of offer would benefit you. Read on to find out more. 

Welcome bonus

These can also be known as a sign-up bonus or package – and are aimed at new customers, rather than existing ones. This casino bonus is usually given in the form of a matched deposit. It could be a single deposit, or a series of say, three deposits. The bonus is awarded as soon as you sign up with the casino and deposit funds. There are often limits as to how much you can deposit, with a maximum cap disclaimed in the terms and conditions. Sometimes, rather than matching a deposit, the casino may offer a 200% bonus – although this is less common. And away from deposits, another popular bonus for new customer is free spins on Slots games – but we will come onto that later.

Deposit bonuses

We’ve already touched upon deposit bonuses as part of the welcome package for new customers – but it’s a kind of bonus that can also reward existing customers. It can be by way of matched deposits, or a percentage of a deposit, added to your online account. But it can also be a bonus for depositing a certain amount of funds over a specific time period – for example, £25 a week for a month. As always, there are different variations of this promotion available and it’s always best to read over any disclaimers to check the offer’s validity. 

Non-deposit bonus

We’ve already ran through deposit bonuses, so it’s only right we move onto non-deposit bonuses – which are exactly that. Meaning the player doesn’t need to deposit funds into their account, but will receive some ‘free money’ to play with. This is usually a small amount to give the player a feel for the casino experience or a specific game – and of course, this kind of offer isn’t as common as a deposit bonus – but still, it’s better than nothing!

Free spins

Free spins are quite often the most popular type of casino promotion. Online casinos host pages and pages of Slots games and for a beginner, it can be overwhelming knowing which game to play first. By receiving a bundle of free spins (it could be 10, or even 50!), casino newbies can dip their toe into the world of online Slots. Usually, the T&Cs will disclaim the specific titles that the bonus can be redeemed on, as it won’t be across all games. But it’s a great way to spin the reels without depositing your own money – and who knows, you could be a winner.

*Please remember to gamble responsibly, and when the fun stops, stop.

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