A Guide to Styling a Military Coat

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Military clothing and accessories have become quite popular again in the last few seasons, and we are loving the artistic possibility they afford. We want to pay particular attention to the statement jackets which can completely transform an everyday look into something exceptional. 

These highly fashionable coats are available often in primary clothes, such as navy blue, khaki green and black. They can feature stylish extras, including belts, bold buttons and intricate collars. If you are thinking this is a style you need to try, our guide below is a must-read.

What to Wear Underneath

The additional features which make military jackets so alluring also make it the ideal statement piece to add to any outfit. Luckily, this style will turn heads so much, you don’t need to worry too much about the clothing underneath. For example, pairing it with a simple flannel shirt, jeans and boots for work will ensure you are both comfortable and on-trend throughout the day. Online retailer JACK1T should be your number one site to find a military coat to really make a statement. For further ways to style your military jacket and your outfit, below are four ways to bear in mind.  

1.    With an Elegant Dress

Match the length of your military coat with the length of your dress to create a unique, put together look. A great example of how to wear this look is with an elegant midi dress and a black, double-breasted military jacket. It gives your dress a sharper outline that works well and is completely functional during those rainy spring days.

2.    With Blocks of Colour

Colour blocking is the way to go this season. Wear monochrome looks to add a hint of texture to your military jacket or go bold underneath with complementary or split complementary colours. As you are wearing a statement coat, you can layer up your outfit and show off your colour blocking abilities no matter where you are or what the weather.

3.    With a Cute Summer Outfit

Wear a cute summer outfit and a short navy jacket for a fun look that says you are ready for adventure, even if that adventure means getting a little wet. We recommend denim shorts and a bright, fun graphic tee to really make use of the military trend.

4.    A Hint of Nude

Perfect for navy blue or dark green jackets that show just a hint of what you are wearing underneath. You have the option to wear nude coloured clothes and darker coloured accessories, or you can wear sheer clothes for an elegant and racy look.

How to Accessorise

What you wear underneath isn’t the only way to accessorise a military coat.

1.    Choose Bright, Bold Bags

Compliment the fact that your coat is making a statement with a bright, bold purse or bag that draws the eye. From clutches to tote bags, your purse is your secret weapon to adding colour to a monochrome coat.

2.    Belt it

Wear a bright belt to draw the coat in at the waist and also to give your figure some dimension.

The military coat trend means that your other style choices are amplified and displayed whether it is raining or not. It’s a great choice for fashionistas and a modern touch to any style.

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