A treat for tired feet!

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Try out one or all of these amazing footcare products to have your twinkle toes back on top form!

The Emjoi Micropedi.

Possibly one of my favourite beauty gadgets – the Micropedi goes where no hard skin scrubber has gone before.  We’ve tried pumice, eggs (essentially a cheese grater for your feet) and the more whizzy electrical ped egg – but nothing compares to the micropedi.  It has a well angled, fast speed smoother which leaves you with feet as soft as the day you were born, it’s easy to clean and efficient.  Every girl should have one and every girl should ensure her mother and grandmother has one too…particularly for women who struggle with mobility as its long handle makes it very easy to manoeuvre.  Their website is here

LCN Silver Foot Cream.

Great for softening up feet but also because of the anti-bacterial properties of silver it keeps your tootsies clean and free of impurities.   This is a pretty unique product and if you commonly have problems with feet such as being a runner or skier where your feet are encased for some time – this is a brilliant cream for pampering your feet at the end of a hard day’s training.  Buy online

Shangri-La Organics Heaven Li Heels

A nourishing foot salve with apricot kernel oil and shea butter and infused with lavender, lemon and sandalwood.  We love the smell of this and the fact it’s truly 100% organic with 100% recycled packaging – it’s very lovely for slathering on your feet after a good Micropedi session.  If you want to amplify the effects put on a pair of thin sports socks over the top of your slathers and leave to soak overnight.  Buy online

Tulecos Tonifying Oil

A fabulous, highly absorbent oil that is for soothing onto your feet when they are feeling at their worst.  We got ours from our Betrousse Beauty Box.

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