Alternative Honeymoon Ideas in the UK

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With weddings now happening all across the country, newlyweds will also be looking for romantic honeymoon destinations. However, with the rules and restrictions remaining uncertain for international travel, lots of couples are looking at having their honeymoons right here in the UK. Thankfully, there are plenty of picturesque places to pick from. We’ve collected just a few of our favourites. 

Honeymoon vs Mini-moon

When exploring honeymoon ideas in the UK, it’s also worth mentioning a mini-moon. This is a growing trend where married couples go away straight after their wedding for a few days of rest and relaxation. Whereas a honeymoon tends to be a longer trip abroad. Mini-moons are currently very popular in the UK as some couples are waiting until they have a long honeymoon abroad. However, some couples like the idea of a British-based honeymoon to keep things simple and low-key. Which would you and your partner prefer?

Lake District

If you are looking for an alternative mini-moon idea, why not try a walking holiday in the Lake District. No matter the length of your trip, the two of you are bound to have such a special time here. The Lake District, in the north of England, is a great place to go if you and your partner are craving a countryside escape. From mountains and hikes to scenic strolls and cosy cabins, the Lake District has something to offer everyone. Take your trip at your own pace and enjoy nature. 


Or perhaps the two of you are craving some time by the ocean. You may not be able to get to those tropical beaches this year, but you can get pretty close when you visit Cornwall. This South-West county manages to charm practically every visitor. With its breath-taking beaches, soft white sands, and warm weather, you’d be forgiven if you’d felt like you had gone abroad. You can walk by the ocean, watch the sunset, and experience your own little piece of paradise.


If the two of you fancy a city break, then Edinburgh might be just the spot for you. The capital of Scotland is such a captivating city. The old and new come together to create an utterly charming atmosphere. Whether you want to go whisky-tasting and get a taste of Edinburgh’s restaurant scene, or simply stroll around and soak in some sights by the water. There are lots of romantic things you can do in Edinburgh. You’ll end up feeling smitten with this city.

There are so many wonderful places to visit here in the UK. Whether you and your partner want a mini-moon or honeymoon, you can find the perfect place to get away together. Where do you think the most romantic place in the UK is?

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