Back to school treats for the kids

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Not that we should have to reward them for going back to school but sometimes some goodies can soften the blow.

If your kids are pre-puberty but having to do sports/get showered – this gorgeous range of organic skincare is perfect for their gym bags.  Before kids hit puberty,, their sebum levels are non-existent and adult products can often dry their skin out.  Too Fruit have launched a range of products aimed specifically at younger kids and contain a yummy facial wash, moisturisers for their windblown skin after outdoor sports and a chapstick.  For anytime  as we all love chapstick 🙂  It’s currently only available at Urban Retreat – Harrods.

For their lunchboxes;

I know it’s often a struggle to inspire kids when they open their lunchboxes and we don’t like to treat too much so here’s some great alternatives.

Goody, Good Stuff makes a range of yummy sweeties which are  gluten free, fat free, dairy free and made from natural juices – from cola bottles, sourz, cherries and strawberries and creams, a little handful in their box won’t do any harm.  We tried – well all of them!  My favourites were the cherries and strawberries and cream.  Buy online and more product information here Goody, Good Stuff

Beyond Dark – Some may say 70% is too good for kids.  Most kids I know don’t really like dark chocolate as it’s chalky and bitter but not this stuff!  Stirred for 72 bours – it has a smooth taste and rich flavour.  Buy online here – try not to pinch the kids chocolate though – it’s pretty amazing chocolate and I’ve tried a few 🙂

The little bags are an idea size with pellet shaped droplets inside.  Great for sharing too and contains up to three times more antioxidants than a standard dark chocolate. That’s the antioxidant equivalent to 25 oranges, 8 bananas or 5 Apples in every 35g pack.

 Jelly Bean Factory – another great addition in small does (although the big containers are great for car journeys with the kids)- all the flavours are natural and kids can spend ages mulling over the flavours and making new combinations up!  These are also gluten, nut and artificial flavour free.


For older kids – inspire their studies with these beautiful drawers and tidies for their school work from Harris & Jones.  Each item is hand made and covered in beautifully textured paper.   Harris & Jones

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