Be trendy at the beach; Outfit ideas for women

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According to statistics, over 100 million people go on family vacations each year. A considerable number of these seek beach destinations to enjoy a little sun and water fun as they relax and unwind. However, the excitement of visiting the beach does not make deciding what to wear any easier. Luckily, these tips will give you outfit ideas every woman can use when determining their perfect beachwear. 

1. Choose your swimwear

No list would be complete without a swimsuit. But, before you choose, make sure you are going with something you can wear with pride and confidence. If you are not comfortable in a two-piece bikini, then go with something that covers a little more. For most women, bikinis are usually the go-to swimwear, especially where a natural tan is involved.  

Although a natural tan is great, be sure you cover up if you have a treatment for hair removal scheduled in the coming weeks. Darker skin makes it harder for the laser to distinguish between your skin pigment and your hair. Instead of opting for a swimwear, cover up with one of the outfits outlined here or avoid the beach altogether. 

2. Have some shorts 

The beauty of shorts is the variety they offer you. They look great when you couple them with a bikini top, crop top, matching top, or a stretchy tee. This piece gives you enough variety to last you a few trips to the beach. You can wear them as a cover-up for your bikini and complete the look with a trendy hat, sunglasses, and straw bag. Throw in some sleek sandals, and you have yourself a stylish look. 

3. Have something to cover-up

Beach cover-ups are the best way to protect yourself from the sun. While getting sun-kissed is the aim of going to the beach, too much can be detrimental for your skin. It causes wrinkles, increases the risks of cancer, and accelerates ageing. That’s why cover-ups are vital for every beach trip. 

A tunic cover-up is excellent is you want something short-sleeved, loose-fitting and flowy, but still trendy. If you need to protect your arms, a caftan is your best option. It’s long-sleeved and ankle-length, giving you more coverage from the sun. You can use one of your dresses, cardigan, shirts, rompers, and pants if you want to keep it simple. 

4. Summer dress

Like shorts, every beach outfit must incorporate a summer dress. A summer dress is a perfect companion for strolling down the beach on a lazy evening. You can wear this dress in the street and go straight to the beach without looking overdressed. It is a fun way to remain chic, whether you are up for a swim or not. Pair your summer dress with sunglasses, sandals, and a small pulse to complete the look.

The beach is about having fun. Whether you will wear your swimwear with a cover-up or not, remember to carry beach essentials; a hat, sunglasses, water, and sunscreen!

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