Bergans is the only way to stay warm this winter!

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With snow already fallen in the UK and likely more to follow – there’s nothing more snuggly than a big thick down jacket.  It has to be good quality though – Primark just won’t cut it and you will be left wet and cold.

The Norwegians know cold.  They know sub-zero and also wet conditions which is why Bergans of Norway is my first choice when it comes to outerwear.  Whether it’s walking the dog, skiing or standing watching a football match – something than stops any cold air from penetrating the jacket, allows your body to breathe and wick away moisture whilst preventing any moisture from entering.

This is my first snap of the Sauda down jacket – the mid level down content (you can get jackets with more and less down in them depending on your needs) but this one is wonderful as the pockets are uber deep, it has slit shaped pockets for tissues or lip balm (or more importantly ski pass!) as well as a little hole to connect your headphones through and a “snow skirt” which skiers use to stop snow riding up the jacket.  It also has elastic cuffs with thumbholes which if you don’t need gloves are handy for keeping warm wrists.

More photos to follow with my new SLR camera.

Available from Blacks.

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