Building confidence from a scarred past

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Your childhood family relationships, your teenage biology, your adolescent eating disorder. All these can leave severe marks on your past, both physically and internally. Rumours at school or remarks about your appearance which take seconds to come up with and be passed off as nothing, can seriously dent your confidence at the time, and they can keep on affecting you for years to come.

When you look at yourself today it may not be so clear where your lack of confidence comes from, but confronting various issues can help you find the source and become a new woman.

Appearance Struggles

It’s a touchy topic, everything about today’s society screams beauty, except for a feisty movement of individuals who want you to accept and embrace yourself exactly as you are. Many issues run deeper than beauty at face value, and wanting to change something about your appearance in order to help with those deep set issues and to improve your relationship with yourself holds absolutely no shame.

When the only thing your teenage years left you was heavy facial scarring from persistent acne that you’ve lived with ever since, and emotional bruises from the bullying, no one can blame you for seeking a solution like acne scar treatment. For the same reasons we wear makeup, to make ourselves feel good and boost confidence levels, a simple treatment of life long scars could set you free of self ridicule, and the fear of external judgement.

Taking control over your skin routine, learning how to apply makeup, changing your hair or having a fashion make over are all little things you can do to claim yourself back and take on the world.

Emotional Scarring

Emotional scars can be a little more complex as the route of the issue can be buried away and it’s not always obvious that you’re hurting deep down. The first step to healing from long term damage that could be playing on your confidence is recognising triggers such as things you’ve learned to avoid, or things that cause instant anger, to establish where the damage was originally done.

Parents, childhood peers, or even a toxic ex-boyfriend may have said or done things, by accident or on purpose which have stuck with you and caused damage that you have internalised and come to believe is your own fault, even though that is not the case. If you have had the misfortune of getting close to a sociopath, this is exactly how they work, but you can’t let them touch you. Don’t let their lack of conscious affect your self confidence.

So just as damage can be avoided, damage can be undone as well, when you face the root of your problems. Meet with a trusted friend or a therapist to work through what happened then and how it still affects your life now, then see how things begin to change.

Challenge your current thought processes, establish your confidence boosters and make a life breakthrough!

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