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With the colder months fast approaching we thought it a good idea to feature meatier eats, so got our hands on a bag of sausage varieties from Heck. Truth be told, the author devoured these over the summer but heck, these sausages are juicy and tasty all year round, and what’s more all products are gluten free. Heck is becoming a household name that produces sausages with traditional pork, chicken and other fillings to ‘farmers’ market quality’ made even more flavoursome with a variety of seasonings. Vegetarians and seasonal tastes are included too.

The cooked caboodle – ready to eat!

This twin pack (top left in featured image) contains:

Family Favourite   

Pork sausages that are lightly seasoned with black pepper for an extra kick. 400g pack of six sausages. Available from Aldi.

Chicken Italia  

Chicken meat combined with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and garlic. Great for a light lunch. 400g pack of six sausages. RRP  £5.89.

Limited editions:

Chicken, sage and onion

With seasonal spices this variety is already recommended for the Christmas season. 340g pack of 20 sausages.

Pork and Wensleydale

Creamy Wensleydale cheese contrasts with tart cranberries in this pack of cocktail size bites. Great for pre-season parties. 340g pack of 20 sausages. Available nationwide  RRP £6.99.

Vegan Breakfast

This plant-based recipe contains mushroom, tomato and carrot, combined with traditional sage and sweetened with parsley. When cooked, you will find red flecks of pepper inside the sausage. 255g pack of 6 sausages.

Since Heck continues to bring out seasonal varieties it might be worth making the trip to your local superstore to find out more. Prices start around £2.50 for a pack of six or 10 sausages.

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