Checklist for new nail salon owners

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It is a proud moment for any budding beauty entrepreneur to open their Nail Salon for the general public. After all, you ready to show the world your creativity and expertise. However, ensuring you have a comprehensive marketing plan for attracting a wide audience is essential. Here are some ideas that you should be thinking of before you welcome in your new clients.

What sort of nail salon will you have?

Samantha Sweet, co-founder of Sweet Squared, has mentioned that “when starting a nail bar or nail salon, you really have to know what kind of salon you want to be – are you going to be more of a discount salon, medium range or are you super high-end…Once you’ve made that decisions, other decisions as to what you will use and charge falls into place.”

With that said, have you thought about what sort of nail products you will be selling? Will you appear to a sophisticated crowd with normal nail coating, or will you appeal to the younger generation with a quirky relaxed environment that show the latest designs with acrylics and jewels?

By considering these options, you will be able fully focus on your chosen demographic instead of trying to appeal to too many people at once when you are first opening.

Do you have the correct insurance?

When it comes to the safety of your clients inside your salon, you should be willing to pull out all of the stops to make them happy. This means that if there are any accidents, break-ins, client injury or product malfunctions, then you need the correct insurance to make sure that you do not have to lose money funding any recoveries or broken produce. You can keep your salon fully covered by investing in nail salon insurance but be sure to find the best policy for your store, and whether or not you can receive any discounts before you pay.

Schedules and employees

Have you considered how you will be scheduling a normal work day for your nail salon? Your day should be made up of appointments, customer service, restocking supplies and cleaning any equipment used by your employees. Keep your staff up to date on how you would your day to be scheduled, and how they should focus on the customer. Your nail technicians will mostly take care of the customers, so you should also consider the following on at least a monthly basis:

  • How sales will improve and how your technicians need to be scheduled
  • Managing your technicians’ schedules
  • Recruiting and training new technicians
  • Keeping your salon clean and tidy
  • Marketing and the growth of the business
  • Overseeing the full operations of the salon
  • Ordering new supplies.

Social Media

Nowadays, having a social media presence can truly be a blessing when it comes to marketing your salon to the world. Salons can easily make their mark on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by advertising their most creative designs through videos and photos. Remember to plan out your posts before you put them online. Most of the traffic comes in the late evening or early morning, so always have a new design or video ready to be viewed. You can even team up with different salons to participate in fun challenges together to bring in more views.

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