Choosing a Driveway Gate: 4 Things to Consider

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Driveway gates serve several purposes. On the one hand, they can be purely decorative, but on the other, they are often used to keep pets and children in and unwanted visitors out. If you are in the market for a new driveway gate, here is a list of points you need to consider before spending your hard-earned cash.

What Function Will the Gate Serve?

As already mentioned, some gates are purely decorative. Wrought-iron gates fall into this category; they look nice, but you can see through them and unless you fit a strong lock, they are not usually very secure. 

Most people install a driveway gate for security reasons. If this is you, decide how secure the gate needs to be. A lockable gate will serve to keep people out and family in, but do you want to stop people from looking in too? If so, go for a more private gate, i.e., a tall, solid gate design with no openings. Do bear in mind that if this is the design you go for, you’ll need to install a gate camera/entrance system, along with an external post box. Otherwise, you won’t know if anyone is outside!

Metal Vs. Timber

Timber gates are typically cheaper than metal gates, but they will need more maintenance in the long term. Unless timber is treated and maintained, it will rot, especially in wet climates. It can also suffer from pest damage. That said, a timber gate is attractive, especially when installed on an older property. If you aim to keep the kids in, a timber gate will be fine.

Metal gates are more durable, but steel and iron are both susceptible to corrosion, particularly if you live on the coast when salt in the air speeds up the process. 

Aluminium gates are a great alternative to steel and iron, as aluminium doesn’t corrode and is available in a range of different finishes and designs. Visit a supplier like to learn more. 

Manual Vs Electronic

Manual gates are cheaper than electronic gates, but for some people, it makes sense to fit electronic gates. For example, if you don’t want to have to open the gates each time someone arrives, fit electronic gates that are operated via remote control. It also saves you from getting out of the car in bad weather just to open the gate.

Be mindful of safety if you install automated electronic gates. There must be safety systems in place to prevent the gate from closing on a child or pet, which could be fatal. 

Sliding Vs Swing

Traditional gates swing open but if space is at a premium, it may be more advantageous to install sliding gates instead. The downside is that sliding gates need plenty of room on either side of the gate, but they are a good design on a sloping driveway, where swing gates might not function correctly.

Gates of either style will work with an electronic opening system.

Consult a professional if you are planning to have a new gate fitted. If the gate isn’t installed correctly, it won’t do its job and could even be dangerous.

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