Christmas Decorations You May Not Have Considered

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The tree.  It’s the pinnacle of our decorating season – we buy baubles and angles and fancy Christmas Lights to make this essential part of our household look incredible (and to outdo the neighbours/street)

But what about the rest of our house!  With so much focus and effort going into the tree – have we forgotten about other places we can decorate?  Below are some of my favourite. If you are looking for a place to source all types of indoor and outdoor Christmas Lighting – one of my go to locations would be Robert Dyas.

Front Door 

Wreathes are growing in popularity year on year and there’s nothing more inviting and rewarding than approaching your front door with a scented, twinkly lit seasonal creation!  If you are on a street – it’s a great way to outdo the neighbours.  Bonus points for having a twinkly garland all the way round your doorframe too! Top Tip: make sure the lights are battery operated and give your door a quick paint if you can.

It’s a bit overkill to decorate every room in the house – sometimes it’s nice to get away from all the Christmas commotion – but if there’s one other area in the house you should consider lighting and decorating – it’s your staircase. An elegant, snaking garland all the way up your staircase can add a magical touch especially on Christmas morning as you descend the staircase to investigate the wonders that Santa has left for you.  Bonus points if your garland matches your front door wreath.  Top Tip: Measure your staircase first before ordering a garland as they come in various sizes.

Your windows

Taking a nod from Halloween and using your window space as a decorative canvas – this can be a great way for a flat dweller to share in the Christmas competitiveness.  There are a multitude of ways you can decorate your window – from stick on snowflakes and patterns to hanging lights that drip from the top of the frame.  If you live on ground floor level or people will be passing your window – you could set up a little nativity scene, winterscape or lit up shapes to impress passers-by and there are so many options for these.  Little winter houses all lit up, reindeers covered in glitter or plushie figurines – you can let your imagination run wild!

The Garden

This is the big investment for a lot of people as the garden has become a massive focal point over the last few years and the variety of decorations has increased exponentially!  Inspiration for extravagant gardens has mainly come from America – where decorating for Christmas takes months of planning and extensive amounts of electricity but thanks to solar power – we can save a bit of money! 

There are many places you can add some Christmas glamour to your garden;

Animal figurine displays – from stags, penguins and polar bears to the classic Santa and snowmen – there’s something in every size and price range for those wanting to impress passers by!

Outdoor icicle lighting.  These are my favourite and they take inspiration from the dripping lights of the ski chalets in the Alps.  They generally trim an entire guttering all the way round the house and in warm or cool white.

Outdoor tree lighting.  Another personal favourite – particularly in rural areas where you are driving through and happen across a multicoloured evergreen tree!  Best to have these lights solar powered if it’s far from the house!

So you can see from our advice – there are many more ways to keep Christmas exciting in your house than just the Christmas tree!  Which ones will you be choosing to adopt?

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