Cleanfluencers reveal 6 hacks to help keep the house spick and span

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With the clocks springing forward over the weekend, it’s time to get your cleaning gear out and get your home looking spick and span for the warmer months ahead. To help, three influencers with very different approaches to cleaning have shared their tips and tricks to getting the house in order with minimum effort but maximum results.  

Shannon Szoltysek, who posts on Instagram as @lifewiththeszoltyseks, has built a dedicated 42k strong following thanks to her cleaning hacks. The married mother-of-two swears by white vinegar and does quick tidies throughout the week to help her power through the monthly deep clean.   

@lifewiththeszoltyseks – Shannon Szoltysek 

1. Make the most of everyday items

Shannon recommends using cotton buds and cocktail sticks alongside standard products to clean all those hard-to-reach places and get into small gaps such as window frames. 

2. Pick perfumed products 

She also suggests using toilet blocks for the loo to keep the bowl sparkling in between big cleans and to keep the bathroom smelling fresh – her go to product is Bloo’s cistern blocks that clean the toilet from the toilet tank right down into the toilet bowl, to provide protection from the inside out. 

@thelofthovee – Emily Light  

Hove based @thelofthovee, also known as Emily Light, regularly treats her 6k followers to snaps of her stunning flat and tricks for keeping the abode free from dirt. The busy bride-to-be, who works as an accountant, dedicates 45 minutes every Saturday to a deep clean of her loft.

3. Take care of the talons

Emily’s top tip for cutting down time when cleaning the shower is to do it right away as the steam will help to loosen any grime and save you from excess scrubbing. She also swears by using a sponge with a handle to clean the basin and bathtub as it will protect your manicure. 

4. The best seat in the house

With research from Bloo, the UK’s number one toilet hygiene cleaning brand, revealing Brits spend over 20 months (625 days) on the loo in their lifetime, Emily admits it is the first and most important room in her house to clean ahead of guests visiting. As part of her regime, she uses a silicone toilet brush and to avoid dirty water build up, props it up under the seat to dry before storing away.

@the.chapelhouse – Kirstie Smith 

Kirstie Smith, who goes by the social moniker @the.chapelhouse, owns a gorgeous cottage in Cambridge and has over 26k followers. The Occupational Therapist and mother-of-one leads a busy life as she is constantly on the go. She squeezes in 30 minutes of cleaning each day. 

5. One for furry friends

Kirstie owns a dashing Border Collie named Otto and knows first-hand the struggles to keep clothes and soft furnishing free from hair. To combat the build-up, she regularly uses dishwashing rubber gloves to wipe down hair covered surfaces. 

6. Timed declutter sessions

If you’re time poor and struggle to fit cleaning into your busy schedule, Kirstie recommends doing two quick 15-minute bursts of tiding a day to keep the clutter at bay.

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