Cleaning Services Worth Paying For

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I don’t know about you but I’m definitely one of those “I’d rather do it myself than pay someone else” type girls.  I just find it hard to part with cash when I know I can do the job myself and then I can use the money to treat my family instead!  But I do feel there are certain cleaning jobs worth spending money on have a professional do them – mainly because they have the time and the equipment to do it right.

Cleaning The Car

I do believe it is worth getting a good car detailing every so often.  Yes keep it clean and hoovered out regularly but there’s nothing like handing over your car to someone, putting your feet up and getting back a twinkling car with that “used car smell!”  They are able to use portable dry cleaning equipment to do the upholstery, get out the wax for a beautiful shine and get into all the nooks and crannies where the kids have lost biscuits and sweeties.

Cleaning Your Windows

Honestly the safety factor alone in this ensures that the professionals are the best to do this job.  From scaling ladders and using professional washing equipment as opposed to a mop and bucket – I’d definitely be employing someone to clean my windows at least a couple of times a year – once in the Spring and once at the end of Autumn to ensure removal of as much leaf debris as possible.

New House move or end of Tenancy

If I were moving into a new house, leaving an old one or passing back a tenancy I’d definitely hire a team to do a deep clean.  Other people’s cleaning standards may not be the same upon entering a new property and to have that initial squeeky cleanness means you can concentrate on giving your new house lots of attention elsewhere or concentrating on the moving of your things.

Cleaning Mattresses, Sofas and Carpets

There’s only so much you can do with a household carpet shampoo-er or steam cleaner – the professionals will be able to come into your home and using the safest of chemicals, deep clean every inch of your carpets, sofas and mattresses.  If you have pets and kids this is an essential service to ensure the safety of your little ones on the floor where they may come into contact with bugs and germs.

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