Colourful eyes for summer

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Being in the over 30 category makes it difficult to find ways of jazzing up your eyes for summer without wearing highly unflattering and gaudy colours of eyeshadow.  Last year was orange.  No ta!

A great way of bringing summery colour and pop to your eyes whilst maintaining a slightly more mature look is to line the waterline with a groovy colour.  We love turquoise and light purple but there are various other shades including white which can make you look more awake.

Although for a pencil getting used once or twice in summer you may not want to pay Chanel prices for it – We found these fab ones at budget beauty legends 2True.  Available in Superdrug on a permanent 3 for 2 it’s ideal for picking up cool summer shades you may only wear a few times.

IMG_4115 IMG_4141


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