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  • 44% of Brits will cut their wedding budget due to cost-of-living crisis
  • 25% spending bulk of budget on appearance as confidence levels plummet  
  • 70% worried their guests will outshine them in their wedding photos

Wedding season is in full swing, and marriages are on the rise again after the pandemic*, but a new study into British couples planning to get married in the next three years can reveal that half (44%) of newlyweds-to-be have drastically reduced their wedding budget due to the current cost of living crisis. 

The study from SmileDirectClub, the oral care company with the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, shows that people are making big savings by culling guest numbers (34%), cancelling/delaying their honeymoon (27%), offering a buffet rather than a sit down three-course meal (19%) or even asking guests to bring a bottle to the evening reception (10%). 

However, not only have wedding day wallets taken a hit, so has the confidence levels of future brides and grooms, with two in five people admitting they feel self-conscious about their looks ahead of the big day, so much so that one in five start fretting about their wedding day appearance the day they get engaged. Weight topped the poll with 50% saying this was their main worry, followed closely by teeth (36%) and smile (30%). 

This might explain why respondents are planning to spend a whopping £867 on average on wedding day beauty preparation, even in the wake of the soaring cost of living. One in five people (25%) admitted that the most important part of their spend will go on improving their appearance for their upcoming nuptials.

When asked what their biggest concern is for the big day itself, having to be in lots of photos came up top, with 73% worrying about how their pictures will turn out. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 32% of people said that the photography is the most important item they will spend their budget on.  

In true Pippa Middleton style, over half of British brides-to-be (53%) also feared being upstaged by their bridesmaids on their big day, 47% were concerned a family member would steal the show, and quarter (24%) were afraid their fiancé would outshine them.  

David Cran, Vice President of International at SmileDirectClub said: “It’s great to see that marriages are still on the rise given the current cost of living crisis, and it’s interesting how British couples are adapting their wedding day plans. Your wedding day is likely to be one of the best days of your life, but it’s also one that can be associated with a lot of stress.  One way to ease this is by planning ahead. Behind weight, teeth and smiles were listed as top bugbears, but with SmileDirectClub you can get a smile you love in as little as six months.”  

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