Couples Adventure Holidays in Europe

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Even if you have never “couples holiday’d before – there’s something for everyone – from temple treks and volcano hopping to wine making tours and horse riding treks through Andalucia

Then there’s Georgia. Think Switzerland without the cost. Now first thing you will ask yourself- I didn’t think Georgia was in Europe! Well it’s geographical position east of the Caucasus mountains would place it in Asia.
Though Georgians identify themselves as Europeans, their culture has an Asian identity. Georgian trade, music, architecture and food have the hallmarks of Asian origin, so the Georgians do not fit into any of the major categories of Asia or Europe.
From an adventure point of view – the country of Georgia is a hidden goldmine of the most interesting and juxtaposed history – trekking to temples and monastaries, a winemaking tour around the region

You’ll be able to say to people when they ask when you went on holiday “We went to Georgia” and you’ll collect gasps, ooo’s/ahhh’s and lots of questions about what you saw and what it was like. This isn’t like a quick trip to Benidorm no-one wants to hear about. This is real adventuring!

The land of adventure holidays – Iceland is the perfect anti-dote to all of those peachy white beaches, cocktails and glamorous tapas dinners. Here you can helicopter up to a volcano, get sprayed by a geyser, take a dip in a rock formation that holds hot geothermal waters, glacier snowmobiling, whale watching and many many more!

What a wonderful land and unusual scenery to explore – hire yourself a sweet 4×4 car from the airport and let yourselves be drawn to all of the exhilarating adventures that await! Who knows you might even see the Aurora Borealis together on your travels around Iceland – quite possibly a couples bucket list item?
My ultimate bucket list item which I’d definitely be doing in Iceland is The Bridge between Continents or Midlina is a 15 meter (50 ft) footbridge in the Reykjanes Peninsula spanning a gaping rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. How cool is that?!

And finally – a great couples adventure holiday would be to the Alps. Most people associate Alpine holidays with winter sports but in fact, the summer can be just as exhilarating – whatever your passion you can find an adventure for it – rock climbing, via ferrata, glacier walking, downhill mountain biking, lake swimming, paragliding and many many more!

The days are long and sunny in the Alps – you get a lovely breeze and the lakes are warm enough to swim in, paddleboard on or just hang out by with an ice cream. There are various rock structures with amazing climbing opportunities that you can try around the are – by basing yourself in a vibrant town such as Morzine – you would have access to everything that is close by, as well as Geneva airport only being 1 hour away and flights to the UK are pretty common even in the summer months (of course they are MUCH more frequent in the winter) Non adventure days are filled with BBQ’s, yoga, walking, investigating picturesque towns and villages. A particular favourite is Linderets – the “Goat Village” where you can get up close and personal with the goats, feeding them and petting them as they stroll around the village in their summer feeding grounds.

Whatever you choose to do – be sure you take some time to relax and unwind alone – as couples holidays can sometimes be stressful especially if you don’t know each other overly well!

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