The Creperie in Brighton – French Cuisine Served The English Way

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Recently Simply Woman dined at The Creperie in Brighton’s Ship Street. This newly opened venue (less than three months) is set on two levels with the open shop front displaying goods clearly designed to invite custom. The venue is decorated like a kitchen diner, with numerous whisks and ladles in paper or material form adorning the walls. Racks of wine bottles greet your eyes and there is a fresh feel. This restaurant doesn’t sell just crepes – gelatos, coffee and wraps are available too.

Their menu however is decidedly French. We enjoyed a cold crepe called The Seaside, consisting of crayfish tails in a mayonnaise and dill sauce, with we’re sure, other secret ingredients.

For allergy sufferers, there is the gallette, which is a wheat free batter used to make crepes like the Crepe de Maison – with potatoes, bacon, cheese, seasoning and black pepper.

Sweet crepes, like ‘Going Bananas’ sport pieces of banana smothered in cream, with a choice of sweet sauces – we had butterscotch. Although the crepe looked large after our main meal, we found it lightly textured and a delight to eat. Friendly staff make the crepes in front you so you’ll always see what you’re getting.

CREPERIE TABLEThe Creperie is already pulling punters in – during high demand the large crepe-making machine (French of course) cranks out crepes in record time. We highly recommend this eaterie if you’re visiting Brighton, or, if your hotel happens to serve breakfast only. No, cancel that – grab an alternative breakfast at The Creperie for just £6.50. So go there – you won’t be disappointed. For more information visit

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