DIY Party Ideas for Your Next Birthday Bash

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Hosting a party is both stressful and exciting. You want to ensure that everyone has the best day and those all-important coming-of-age photos make you look fabulous. 

However, hosting the party of the year doesn’t come cheap. But with these DIY party ideas, you can create a party that the kids of MTV’s Sweet 16 will be jealous of. 

Balloon arches

Popular on Instagram, no birthday party is now complete without a beautiful balloon arch. Arches are a great photo backdrop or make the perfect entryway if you’re hosting a party in the garden. These eye catching balloon display ideas will have jaws dropping as soon as your guests arrive. 

Paint a party wall

Whether your party is indoors or out, painting a party wall is the perfect way to create your dream event. Whether you go for colourful stripes or a themed design, guests will queue up to take photos with the birthday boy or girl in front of a cool backdrop. 

Tassel garlands

If you’ve got a few spare hours in the week before the big day, grab some tissue paper and make your own tassel garlands. The more you can make, the better. Get your friends involved too. 

You can hang your garlands around the room or in the trees outside. You can even pair the garlands with reels of fairy lights to create a cute ambiance for an evening do. 

Create your own pinata

Sure, it’s not going to be a huge unicorn or funky butterfly, but a paper bag can easily be transformed into a bright and colourful pinata that’s ready for bashing. Fill the bag with your favourite sweet treats and secure the top. Then, get creative with paint, tissue paper and, of course, glitter. For an extra project, decorate an old broomstick or pole to match. 

Some killer recipes

While it would take forever and be hugely expensive to make all the food from scratch, making a few signature dishes will take your party hosting skills to the next level. Perhaps start with a themed welcome drink paired with a delicious cupcake or sweet treat. As for the mains, pasta, sandwiches and canapes always go down a treat. 

Decorative cups 

Don’t fork out for a dinner service; create your own party cups with the glasses you already have. Using transfer foils and washi tapes, you can transform a plain old cup into a goblet that’s fit for the birthday person. Once the party is over, the tape can be removed and disposed of without damaging your glasses. 

Partyware creation station 

Instead of forcing everyone to wear store-bought party hats, a partyware creation station gives them everything they need to make their own party hat, costume or flower crown. All you have to do is stock up on craft materials, and you’re good to go. Guests will love the chance to get creative and compete to find out who the best designer is. 

With a little thought, your next party will be an event nobody will forget anytime soon. 

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