Do you need a coffee mate?

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Our supermarkets today carry an impressive range of coffee for the modern connosieur – from Hot Java Lava to Kopi Luwak in handy, easy to transport bags – already pre-ground for your convenience.

But what if you want a decent stock? What if you don’t want to keep buying bags of coffee every week or so? Then you need to find a coffee mate like!

They specialise in huuuuuge bags of coffee – from 1kg to 3kg varieties and in a wide range of tastes and strengths – you have your classic espresso beans, specialist roasts from “The Coffee Belt” and other such nice coffees. For special occasions or festive seasons, it’s a real help to have such a big bag on hand!

The Coffee Belt, or the Bean Belt, is a horizontal strip of land between the Tropics of North and South. Located between 25°N and 25°S, the Coffee Belt surrounds the Equator, passing through Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. “Parallel 36” is a blend of arabica beans grown in El Salvador and Brazil regions. Coffee from these regions has taste notes of peanut butter, chocolate, flowers or wood, and noticeably rich aroma.

In addition to the incredible selection of coffees from all over the world – you will find an extensive selection of equipment and even chocolates to enjoy with your afternoon cuppa. Treat yourself to an advent calender present for someone this Christmas, or a coffee machine!

Their journey to success began in 2010, Lithuania, when two friends decided to pursue their dream in coffee business. Passion for coffee and circle of friends grew rapidly. You can explore their selections of coffee at Coffee Mate

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