Easter Treats with Bonne Maman

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Easter Weekend is fast approaching and these delightful treats from Bonne Maman are sure to make it special. To add that little extra touch, present them in Easter themed Bonne Maman jars – paint a farmyard animal and simply stick down on top of the gingham lid.

Fig and Pistachio Palmiers

Palmiers are heart-shaped, sweet, flaky pastries often called Coeur de France. This simple but elegant version uses ready rolled pastry, delicate and fruity Bonne Maman fig conserve and buttery pistachios. Serve them with ice-cream, coffee, or add a touch of sea salt and enjoy with cheese.

Sweet Orange Callisons

While many think of the macaron as France’s iconic sweet, in Aix-en-Provence locals sing the praises of another treat: the callison. A sweet almond paste, flavoured with candied melon and orange, topped with icing. This simple version uses fresh and fruity Bonne Maman Sweet Tangy Mandarin or Bitter Orange Marmalades, making a delicious gift or a sophisticated little morsel served with coffee.

Mini Easter Macarons

Macarons make the final totally enchanting treat for these jars. These mini mouthfuls are crispy on top yet chewy and fruity inside with all the delicate colours of Spring. Not only are these mini macarons delicious served with afternoon tea, but they also make a fun, pretty decoration for the Easter table.

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