Eco Friendly Easter Wines From Your Local Supermarket

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We will keep this short and sweet, with two wines from a brand that embodies a sustainable, thinking-about-the-planet eco message.  *Wise Wolf is a line of wines produced by the world famous Banrock Station, which in recent years has become more environmentally aware with its wine production. Since late 2022 the glass for their bottles are made from is 100% post-consumer recycled, including the paper label, cork closure, and paper outer case.

Additionally, Banrock Station’s decision to use grapes from France has resulted in a reduction in ‘wine’ miles and importantly, carbon emissions from transportation. Note the ‘stub’ type neck design means less glass is used than in regular ‘tall’ neck bottles. Indeed with the imprinted glass design and overall packaging the empty bottles would look great for storage in your kitchen.

Wise Wolf Cabernet Sauvignon 2022, France, 13.5% abv

This medium red wine possesses a dark red, fruit nose that is instantly recognisable with Cabernet Sauvignons. We found a combination of pleasant plums, black cherry, and blackcurrants on the palate and overtones herb and tobacco for a twist.  This wine ‘feels’ light enough to be drunk on its own, however will not be overpowered by traditional Easter meat or vegetable roasts. RRP £9 Asda, £10 Morrisons, £11 Sainsbury’s.

Wise Wolf Chardonnay 2022, France, 13.5% abv

A pale golden hue, with a floral nose makes this white a delight. The palate offers honey and citrus fruit tones, with a hint of vanilla. We’d describe the finish as long and creamy. While Chardonnay may typically be drunk on its own, feel free to pair this alongside a roast ham, fish or vegetable dish. RRP £9 Asda, £10 Morrisons, £11 Sainsbury’s.

Both of the featured wines are Pays d’Oc, literally meaning country wine – the grapes are typically sourced from a large catchment area resulting in a fresh tasting product that easily accompanies most dishes.

*See for more information on this brand’s sustainability ethos.

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