Everything You Need To Know About Food In Tuscany

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The food in Italy has a reputation for being delicious. That’s largely because the Italians are passionate people and this is evident in everything they do.

A visit to Italy isn’t complete unless you’ve sampled as many different dishes as possible. However, it’s important to note the recipes are unique to each region. Sure, you can purchase Tuscan food in Rome, but to get the best experience you need to visit Tuscany.

In fact, to really understand Tuscan food you should try booking a Tuscany cooking class and wine tasting, such as the flavor of Tuscany cooking with cooking class.com.

There is no better way to discover the delights of food in Tuscany than with a taste of Italian cooking class in Florence.

Keep It Simple

Tuscany recipes were generally created when food supplies were low and people were creative with ingredients. It means that all Tuscan recipes use simple ingredients. You won’t find many different ingredients in each dish but the way they are blended makes them taste delicious.

Simplicity does allow the individual flavors to come out more, helping you to taste and appreciate the dish properly.

Local Ingredients

As you’ll discover from your Tuscany cooking class and wine tasting, local ingredients are key for all recipes and the wine. Tuscans pride themselves on using fresh ingredients, found nearby, and picked at the perfect time.

You’ll learn how to identify those ingredients and even how to replicate their quality when you return home.

There Are A Huge Number Of Dishes

We’re not talking about how many courses, the average Tuscan meal has just four courses. It’s the sheer number of recipes that are likely to baffle you, especially if you head into a local restaurant.

It’s worth researching the most common dishes before you head to the restaurant, this will help you decide what to order before you choose something random that doesn’t suit your palate.

Some of the best dishes to try are Cannoli, Bruschetta, and Ribollita.

Dinner Times Are Strict

If you’re heading to a Tuscan restaurant, you should know they usually open at 1 pm and close at 3 pm. In other words, if you want time to enjoy your food, don’t wait too long to go.

Evening meals are usually served around 8 pm. If that’s later than usual for you then grab a mid-afternoon snack, it’s worth waiting for a traditional restaurant to open.

Enjoy Some Wine And Cheese

Tuscany has several local wine options, all of which are worth trying. Order a glass, or a bottle with a plate of cheese. You’ll get to try some authentic Tuscany cheeses which are hard to beat. The cheese also clears your palate, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine.

Summing Up

Whether you’re heading to Tuscany to relax or have already booked a Florence cooking class, you’ll find food is an important part of your trip.

The Italians are passionate about it, you probably will be too by the time you leave.

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