Everything you need to know about MOT Testing

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Many of the motorists still do not have a clear idea about MOT regulations in the UK. Therefore, they give it less importance as compared to other vehicle rules. All motorists in the UK should know that MOT is one of the priority tests for a vehicle to be driven safely on the road.

The article will guide you on a few MOT guides that you need to know if you want to get your vehicle tested for MOT.

MOT or Ministry of Transport is a mandatory test for each vehicle to get once the vehicle crosses three years of the date of purchase.The test is used to make sure that vehicle abides by all the safety measures. Once you are an MOT certified you wont need a test for a certain time period and your vehicle will be considered a safe one to be driven around the UK.

The MOT test ensures that your car’s, lights, engine system, brakes, tyres, and other important components abide by all legal measures. The test ensures that your car is in good condition and safe to be taken out on the road. Therefore it is a clever thing to get your car tested for MOT so that all there are no halts in between your road journey and that your wheels, brakes, windsheild and other important functioning features of the car are all in good condition. It is essential to choose the right type of MOT centre. If the garage has right type of accreditations, you can book an appointment online with them so you don’t have to wait.  Let’s say if you are somewhere in London, you can also book MOT in London from Iverson Tyres (020 8566 4666) as they have the right type of expertise to help you.

A MOT test usually takes 45 – 60 minutes to get tested. In case your vehicle has passed the test you can take your car back at the same moment. However, if one of the listed features of your vehicle fails the MOT test , you might not be allowed to take your car before all the repairs are done. The repair time will totally depend on the part that requires to be fixed , if it is a major part like an engine and requires proper fixing it might take a day.

Hence, getting your vehicle MOT proof is better than avoiding it for a proper MOT test. Once you have an MOT certified car you are free to move around safely anywhere you want in the UK.

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