Facing the Future – what does your skin need?

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No one wants to grow old. And women have been fighting the signs of aging for centuries. What used to mean simply staying out of the sun and using a good bar of soap has now moved on to bigger and more complicated things.

From simple things like adding toner and moisturiser or face masks, all the way to injecting skin with poison a la Botox and full-blown facelifts.  But those of us not adventurous enough, rich enough or stupid enough – depending on your thinking – to go down the route of surgery or Botox have only healthy living and a good skin cream to contend with.

Having the right moisturiser is said to be the number one beauty secret of beautiful and youthful looking women around the globe – everyone from actresses to supermodels to royalty – and ordinary women flock to their local beauty counter in droves the moment one of them even utters the name of their moisturising ‘secret weapon’.

But there are so many types of creams out there and what is more important than finding the one that is right for your favourite celebrity is finding the one that is right for you and your skin tone.  When you go to a chemist there are so many types with different prices, names and purposes and it can all prove very daunting.

So is it any wonder many of us just take the sheep approach and buy the one our friend or relative or idol buys? But it is important to get what you need and want from a moisturiser otherwise it could do more harm than good.  It is first essential to study your face and your problem areas and decide what exactly it is you want to combat.

Once you’ve established that, you are one step closer to youthful looking skin.Here are some of the more popular problems:

  • Aging and sun damage – no one can fight the signs of aging, but some age faster than others – or appear to at least. This is especially true if you have exposed your skin to the sun throughout the years and this can start to show on your skin years before any of your more sun savvy friends have.
  • Pores and wrinkles – some women have deep, noticeable pores and heavy lines in their face. It is usually down to a gene thing or an external issue. But there are creams out there designed specifically for those target areas.
  • Uneven skin tone – unfortunately not everyone is blessed with a peaches-and-cream, flawless complexion and some women have an uneven pigment in various parts of their faces. But there are creams that can balance this out and combat areas where the pigment is too heavy or too light.
  • Sagging skin – this is most common around the neck and jaw line but can also occur around the eyes and mouth as women get older. Many are fooled into thinking that a facelift is the only thing that can cure it. But there are creams out there which can provide firmer looking skin in as much as five days. It won’t be as effective as a facelift but it is a cheaper and safer option.
  • Dry skin – as with a lot of things, skin dehydrates if it is not looked after properly and this is especially true as we get older. It is important to get a moisture-rich cream that sinks into the layers of the skin rather than stay on top of it.

Once you figure out your main skin problem, just go to your nearest beauty counter and let them guide you on which is the best for you.

Don’t be put off by a fancy advertising campaign, flamboyant packaging, scientific claims or a hefty price tag – after all Kylie Minogue swears by Pond’s cold cream which only costs £3.99.

Though we suspect she may have had a helping hand somewhere down the years.

by Rachel Quigley


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