Factors to take into account when using computers for your own business

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The Cost of the Asset

When considering computers for your business – you have several choices and it’s important to analyse the business needs to ensure you get good value for money.  If it’s important to have a super fast processor or other high dependency availability then it would be wise to invest in such a machine.  It’s unlikely a 2nd hand one will have the most up to date processor or graphics card and will be out of date sooner than you need it to be. 

If your business depends on the quality of the computer – buy the best you can.  This also means taking up professional IT Support so that if things go wrong, you aren’t sat clutching your hands to your head – you can call someone instantly and they will take the necessary steps to fix it for you and get your business back up and running.

If you have a business whereby it’s just a few spreadsheets and emails you deal with – it’s not quite as important to have a big flashy new computer.  Invest in something second hand or refurbished and use the business funds towards maybe outsouring some of your paperwork or time consuming tasks. 

Again IT support is important but perhaps the package you take out might be the Lite version compared to someone for whom the loss of the computer is a catastrophic halt to the business!

How you will maintain it

Computers are notorious for not working or going wrong!  How you deal with this when it comes to your business is important as you can’t afford to be without a working device.  It’s worth investing in a small laptop as an emergency or remote working option just incase the big guns go down.

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