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Today, in the topic of beauty and fashion, let me tell you about someone that inspires me daily. That person is Bahar Kizil. If you are an American reading this, you probably have no idea who she is so let me tell you. Bahar Kizil is best known for being in a mega successful  German girlband called “Monrose”. Fun fact: the band’s 4th studio album “ Ladylike” was recorded in the big apple . Today aside from making music Bahar is a successful influencer.

Her personal style is unlike any other influencer out there. It’s simple yet memorable.While staying true to herself she is always on top of the latest trends. This girl loves rich colors and brave prints. This dress is perfect for the summer. The vibrant red tone totally makes a statement while the pattern on it is subtle yet flattering.  Bahar’s style inspired me to play around with fabrics and colors when it comes to fashion. I think the biggest fashion lesson that I learned from her is “ how to match things that don’t match “ and think outside the box.  Laces, stripes, and leopard prints – are slowly making their way into my wardrobe.

Also if you love the color black definitely check out Bahar on Instagram. She wears black so well in so many ways that I lost count.

Now, let’s chat about beauty for a moment. When choosing beauty products I can see that Bahar chooses to wear something light rather than heavy. Her make up is always smooth and seamless .
The eyeshadow in the picture is gorgeous. This plum shade would compliment any complication. Plus with a color like this you could totally use as much shadow as you wish, without looking like you over did it.  

While scrolling down Bahar’s feed this picture immediately caught my attention. This gorgeous emerald color instantly brought out the eyes gave the whole look something magical. The bright eyeshadow is smartly pared with the nude lip and sleek straight hair.  

I really hope you enjoyed reading this wherever you are.If  I caught your interest make sure you follow miss Kizil on her Instagram and say ”  hi. “ Not only is she beautiful and talented,  this girl has a heart of gold as well.

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