Financial Obligations You Should Renew Regularly

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It’s well known that many of us are spending too much on so many items in our household and personal lives. But who has the time to change everything all of the time, well it’s really not as difficult or as time-consuming as people think. There are so many ways to save money on your outgoings and we’ll look at some financial obligations that we might be forgetting to check regularly.

Phone Usage – Check Your Bills
It’s very much common knowledge on how to check phone tariffs to see how to get the best deal on a new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset, you can easily check with an online price comparison site to see how much per month you can get these for at the lowest cost.

But beyond that there are so many ways you can miss hidden fees and charges such as cheeky service charges, in fact it’s said that the average American pays $225 per year more than is necessary, also check for unused app subscriptions that are pushing up the phone bill as it’s so easy to have subscripted to some game or fitness app that since it’s paid through the phone bill you might not have even noticed that it’s coming off.

Home Utility Bills & Insurances
These days it’s so common for household bills and expenses to rise without your knowledge if you are not careful to monitor when your expiry date is and to read the contract properly to see if there is a provision for it to automatically renew into a subsequent year which more often than not means a hike in the price you are paying.

It’s true of home utilities and insurance including home and contents and car insurance, even paid for bank accounts tend to prioritise new customers over loyal ones. It’s so easy to be aware of this and so long as you are aware of when the renewal dates are you can shop around and see what prices are best on offer to you, just simply check Money Expert for energy prices and comparisons.

Analyse Your Direct Payments Coming Out Of Your Bank Account
It’s very common to have a high amount of automatic or direct payments coming out of your bank account as you can easily sign up for accounts or services that set these up as a way of paying a regular bill or expense.

Firstly it’s important to ensure that all these are for current services that you have authorised and are supposed to come out of your account, if you haven’t authorised any of these get in touch with your bank and ask them to give you info and stop these. If it is for services you authorised but don’t use any more or want to stop then it’s fairly easy to stop these by getting in touch with the provider and the bank and arranging to stop the unwanted financial commitment.

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