France – 4 ways to enjoy the country in any season

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France has always been popular with us Brits. We love the wine, the warmth and the welcoming attitude from most of the French areas we frequent. There are so many parts of this huge country to enjoy and can be done so at any time of the year – so what are our top picks?

See it all on a canal boat -Loire Valley

A relaxed and leisurely way to see the countryside of the beautiful Loire region. Enjoy your morning coffee on the boat as the sun comes up and revel in the scents being released into the air as the ground warms. Herbs, vineyards, grasslands, waterways – they will all come to you and flood your senses. As will plenty of local delicacies. Canal holidays in France are very popular and can also take in many stops for sightseeing and shopping along the way.

Relax like the stars on the Riveria

Summer on the Riveria – nothing quite strikes a mood of nonchalonce, sunbathing and socialising in a wide brimmed hat and a glass of rose. Obsessed with this part of France – the orange trees, piney Cypresses, crystal clear water and amazing restaurants.

Even if you don’t have a gin palace, you can still rent a villa and waltz to the boulangerie every morning for your croissants – watching the world go by with a cup of coffee and gearing up for a day or sunbathing or shopping followed by a gastronomical delight for your evening meal and propping up a posh bar somewhere.

Cut a dash on the slopes in the Alps

Something very close to my heart, spent many years living in this part of France, where every snowflake is an opportunity to whizz down the slopes on the best powder, sun blazing above you. The better skiers among us know where to slip off to avoid the crowds and have our lunch at a quiet, back country bistro then make it back for apres-ski, indulging in fondue, steak hache and lashings of jaegerbombs before collapsing in a heap and repeating it all over again the next day.

Enjoy the sand dunes and Atlantic chill of Biarritz

When it comes to fun on the beach, laid back summer nights with fresh Atlantic seafood and chilled vibes don’t look any further than Biarritz. Family friendly, cheaper than the Riveria and definitely more casual – the Atlantic coast of France gets the great breakers for surfing, the giant sand dunes for creating a wind break and lots and lots of seafood delicacies. The coastline is littered with small fishing villages, campsites and pretty small towns just right for exploring.

The one and only, unforgettable, Paris

Paris is effortless, a cacophony of culture, cuisine, iconic views and fascinating history. Its classy and beautiful architecture bleeds in to the spirit and consciousness of Parisiennes and visitors alike, drawing you into this fairytale lifestyle we imagine Paris to be. So much so that Japanese tourists have a word for it that means basically “the shock of experiencing the real Paris” It’s a big city, it’s noisy, smelly and dirty – like most others! This fairytale of Paris does endure though and is hidden round every noisy street corner. (Don’t) pop on your best Carrie Bradshaw heels and dance around Paris as if it was your lover – explore, enjoy – fall in love with the immortal city.

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