Get in line quick for the fabulous new Samsung Galaxy S4

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Already breaking records in its pre-launch phase, the new Samsung Galaxy will be here soon to smash its rivals to pieces.  The Galaxy S4 has taken the modern usage of the phone as a “ilfe companion” and worked really hard to ensure you get the best out of every moment with the phone.  Here are some of the amazing features of the new phone on everyone’s lips;


*You can take photos from the front and rear lenses simultaneously.   Captures all the goings on around you.

*You can capture sound alongside the image!  Ground-breaking for a camera phone -imagine capturing that “Surprise!!” moment in a sound photo -or perhaps first pics of a new addition to the family!

*Drama shot – this allows you to stitch together various mili-seconds of an action shot – creating the sequence of turns or jumps in one image.  Amazing for sports photography or things that move really fast…like my puppy!

*Categorising of photos (perhaps from a holiday?), apply themes or layouts and have them printed out.  With modern digital cameras we have lost the value of a photograph to put in an album or leaf through with friends.


*Using the speech recognition you can ask the translator in English what you would like to say and it will translate it into the language required and read it back to you – no more embarrassing pronunciation problems abroad…sound like a local.

*Amazing eye recognition pauses what you are doing on the screen when you look away and resumes when your gaze returns.  The iPhone 5 wishes it was this cool!

*AirView allows you to cast your hand over the screen to accept calls/change screens or browse photos.  Even wearing gloves…warm cosy fingers are back for AW/13

*It’s a home TV remote control and scheduler.  So if keeping on top of TV is hard work then you are in for a treat.

*It’s your workout chum, with comfort status based on your surroundings, a health board, food tracker and ways to chart your progress.  Never miss a beat.

Get yours pre-ordered from Carphone Warehouse now before the launch date on 26th April.  I can imagine they will sell out quiclkly and Apple will be left crying in the corner at how amazing this phone is!  Carphone Warehouse also have an offer for pay monthly with accessory bundles worth £79.96 if you pre-order online before the 26th April so that’s even more incentive to get your skate on and be the first with this fab new phone.  Pre-order date from 28th March at Carphone Warehouse.

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