Give Your Home all The Elegant Feels This Winter

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You know the story – the post Christmas blues, it’s mighty chilly outside and there are more dark hours than light (especially in Scotland)

The Danish knew about this misery hundreds of years ago and invented Hygge – the creation of good feeling and well-being. Scent is a really important part of that – currently rocking multiple layers of sense sprays, mists and plugins around the house with deeply enjoyable fragrances.

It’s not a method I enjoy in the bedroom however, I find subtle works best because you want to let your olfactory system rest overnight. The gentle aroma that comes from a scented candle while it’s not in use I find is soft enough for overnight use and during the day you can burn it to help draw in those positive vibes.

Candles these days can range from cheapy Primark nonsense to the classic Diptyque – covetable and expensive to boot. Although Nostara are “Luxury” – I do feel they are affordable at £35 a candle and with the travel ones coming in at £13, it’s easy to sample a few of the mini’s before picking the big version.

Their ethical credentials also speak for themselves – the candles are made from natural soy wax; an eco-friendly, renewable source which produces a clean, even, long lasting burn. All their candles are hand poured in the UK so in these dire times – you are supporting local business.

They use modern and elegant notes such as bergamot, ebony rose, vetiver and juniper which have subtle enough scents to create a sense of well being without being overpowered.

I highly recommend, if you are looking for a lovely gift for a special lady or family for their home – your recipient would get many hours (around 40!) of enjoyment from a Nostara candle. There are also other scent delivery methods to layer over your candle – such as reed diffusers and room mist.

Check out their very lovely website for all the different variations!

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