5 Health Reasons for Grooming Your Dog

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A lot of dog owners will groom their dog either at home or by taking them to a professional groomer, but not all of them realise that grooming is about far more than looks or getting rid of unpleasant smells. Grooming a dog regularly is essential for every type of dog, even those with very short coats, as it gives dog and owner a bonding experience, and it also boosts their health and wellbeing in several ways. If you are not convinced that your dog needs grooming, here are five reasons why grooming your dog can help keep them healthy. 

  • Preventing parasite infestations

Bathing a dog is an effective way to prevent infestations of fleas, ticks, and other parasites. While medication will be needed to protect your dog fully, the process of bathing your dog will allow you to spot the pests and remove a lot of the live ones. When you are aware that your dog has an infestation, you can get them the medicine they need.

  • Reducing discomfort 

Most dogs enjoy being brushed if you are doing it in the right way. Different dogs may need different brushes to suit their type of coat and, if you get the right brush or comb, your dog will feel like they are being massaged as you brush. If a dog’s hair is matted, it can pull on the skin, which is painful and can sometimes cause sores. Brushing will remove dead hair and dirt, stimulate the growth of new hairs, and encourage the skin’s natural oils to the surface. If you are concerned that your dog’s hair has become particularly matted or the skin is sore, it may be worth finding professional pet grooming in Callowhill.

  • Taking care of their feet and joints

We know how uncomfortable it can be when our toenails need trimming, so imagine what it feels like for dogs walking around without the comfort of shoes. When a dog’s nails are too long, they will be forced to walk unnaturally and, in some cases, on the sides of their paws. This will hurt them and, over time, can lead to deformed feet or arthritis. In extreme cases of neglect, dogs have been found with nails growing into their paw pads, which is incredibly painful for them, as you can imagine. Trimming a dog’s nails is something that should be done regularly, and if you are not confident doing it yourself, you should make an appointment with a professional. 

  • Keeping their ears clean

Many dogs are susceptible to ear infections, particularly those who have long coats. Some dogs need hairs to be plucked from their ears, but all should have their ears cleaned regularly. This should help to prevent infections as well as ear mites and help your dog to feel more comfortable. 

  • Discovering changes in their skin

Whether you groom your dog, or you take them to a professional groomer, the process allows someone to look under the fur at the skin of your dog. This is when you or they should look for any changes or abnormalities such as lumps, bumps, or spots, which could be an early sign of an illness. The sooner you can find a problem, the more likely it is it will be able to be treated successfully. 

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