Healthy & Productive Ways To Spend Your Free Time​

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Even if you’re a busy person, there’s a lot more free time in your schedule then you may initially think. Map out your daily agenda and weekends for yourself and notice just how much extra time you truly have to do as you please.

While watching television is nice to do once in a while, it’s not going to make you feel happier overall. Taking part in healthy and productive activities will bring you more joy and satisfaction at the end of the day. Be sure to rest and relax every so often, but also commit to taking actions that better your life situation and help you make forward progress.

Hit the Gym
Wanting to get in better shape is a great goal to have because you’ll be able to shed unwanted pounds and reduce stress. Exercise is an excellent way to help you overcome anxiety and increase your confidence level too. Make it more fun by mixing up your workout routine and challenging yourself to a wide variety of physical activities.

It might even be a good idea to find an exercise buddy, so you can help hold each other accountable for hitting the gym on a regular basis. Think of how much better you’re going to look and feel when you dedicate more free time to breaking a sweat.

Sit in A Hot Tub
Believe it or not, there are numerous health benefits to you sitting in a hot tub in your free time. To learn more, go online and read Hot Tub Advice so you can see for yourself why this is a healthy and beneficial activity to participate in.

You’ll feel like a new person when you get out and will likely have the urge to do it more often. Give it a chance and notice how you experience less physical pain and that your mental health improves as well. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor about your desire to spend time in a hot tub if you have a medical condition.

Take Time to Journal
Another healthy and productive way to spend your free time is to journal your feelings and what you’re thankful for.


• How it can help
Writing in a journal is a useful way to get whatever’s on your mind down on paper so you can worry less, and problem solve more. You may not have any clue about what’s bothering you or what you’ve been thinking about constantly until you take time to digest what’s going on in your head.
Read it often and reflect on your words so you can get to a better place and heal from any negative emotions you’re experiencing.

Cook Nutritious Meals
Cooking is a mindful activity that can also be very relaxing and is productive all at the same time. Make nutritious meals for you and your family that you can freeze and eat later in the week or month when you’re busy with work. You can also use any extra time you have on your hands to make a grocery list and go shopping for what you need to cook. This way you’re prepared to put dinner on the table each night of the week and will feel less stressed out. This is also a chance to test out any new or complicated recipes you’ve wanted to try.

Clean Your House
While you may not consider cleaning the most fun activity ever, it is a healthy and productive way to spend your free time. A spotless home is a happy home, and there will be fewer germs floating around so you can reduce the risk of anyone getting sick.

Top Tip: Make it a more enjoyable task and experience by turning on some music and taking advantage of this time you have to yourself.

It’ll feel good to have a clean home once you’re done and can sit back and relax in your newly refreshed space. Come up with a schedule you can follow and attend to what needs attention when you have the free time.

Connect with an Old Friend
Losing touch with people and getting too busy for others can be disheartening and lonely in the long run. Spend your free time wisely by using this opportunity to connect with an old friend and catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Offer to go get coffee or lunch and use the time to talk and reminisce about fun past times you two have had together. These sorts of experiences will make you feel happier overall and will help you develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with others. These are important moments you won’t get back and should simply take pleasure in when you have the time.

Look for A New Job
If you’re unhappy with your current job and where you’re working then it’s in your best interest to find a new one. Sitting around complaining about your situation isn’t helpful and will likely only make you feel worse over time. It’s more productive to take the initiative to do some research and see what other opportunities are out there.

The act of doing a little digging about other positions will make you feel more in control and like less of a victim. You’ll begin to see for yourself that there are additional options that exist, and you don’t have to spend time in a role that you dislike or a company where you don’t feel valued.

The next time you find yourself looking for ways to fill your schedule, turn to this list and see what you find most rewarding. They’re healthy and productive options that will likely put a smile on your face and help you feel more content. Most importantly, allow yourself to relax and have fun while you’re participating in these activities, so you can better enjoy your free time. Make it a point to mix up your routine and what you choose to do so you don’t easily become bored.

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