How Much Does It Hurt To Have A Tattoo Removed?

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As much as it might hurt to have a tattoo removed, the tattoo regret you’re feeling probably outweighs it.

Luckily, these days there is a way to get rid of a tattoo completely so you aren’t stuck with your poor choice for the rest of your life.

The problem some people face is that they have a real fear of pain. In some cases, this fear may be preventing them from getting the tattoo removed.

It’s for this reason that I put together this article. To let you know what to expect when you get a tattoo removed. Companies like Laser All do everything they can to make it as comfortable as possible, but it does still cause some pain. 

Will it be too painful to consider getting it removed? Read on to find out if tattoo removal is going to be right for you.

What is your pain threshold?

Pain is so subjective. What might be torture for me is a walk in the park for somebody else. It all depends on what you think is painful.

Think back to when you got the tattoo. Was is excruciating and yet you put up with it and just got through it? Was it so painful you decided to never get another tattoo? Or, was it just mildly uncomfortable?

How you answered those questions will determine how much pain you will experience when you get the tattoo removed.

Some people say it feels like getting stung by a bee while others feel just a very slight pinch.

It depends on where the tattoo is

Just like when you got the tattoo, the pain from removing it will depend on where your tattoo is. On fleshy areas, the pain is minimal. If it rests right on top of a bone, it is going to hurt more.

Areas like hands and feet that have more nerve receptors are going to hurt the most. Also, how sensitive the skin is in an area will also hurt more than other spots. A tattoo coming off the small of your back will feel less painful than if the tattoo is under your arm. Though, I don’t know anybody who has a tattoo on their armpit!

After it is removed, you’ll need to be using some skin creams to keep infections from happening as that is much worse than any pain from the procedure. 

The process

Many clinics will prepare the area with something to minimize the pain. In some cases, there will be a cooling agent that numbs the area by using cold air. This is a very effective way to go since it will stay numb without wearing off.

Others use local anaesthetics like creams or a lidocaine injection. These are effective for small tattoos but the effects can wear off over time.

The type of laser also plays a part as they are not all created equal. Lastly, it all depends on who is doing the procedure as the faster they work the less pain there is.

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