How stress and anxiety affect our lives

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Many people experience feelings of stress and anxiety. These two feelings are not necessarily bad since they help you overcome tricky problems. Being embarrassed in public and feeling nervous before an exam is a form of the everyday stresses. However, when anxiety and stress start obstructing your normal life, it may have a serious impact. If you notice that you are constantly worried about or experiencing extended stressful situations, see a health professional.

  1. Sleep disturbances

Anxiety causes sleeping problems, and sleep deprivation leads to an anxiety disorder. Lack of enough sleep results in health-related problems, poor performance at work or school. People with sleep disorders may also fall victim to high blood pressure, heart diseases,diabetes, stroke and heart attack. All these happen since the body does not get enough rest to help recover from the work you do. You are advised to maintain a constant sleeping pattern to avert these illnesses.

  1. Stomach or digestive upsets

Enduring periods of stress and anxiety cause the ineffective working of the digestive system. Stress rises acid levels in the stomach which in turn cause indigestion and heartburn. This is a situation referred to as acid attack. The intestines require some bacteria to break down food during digestion. Stress may result in an imbalance in the good and the bad bacteria.

  1. Fatigue and lack of energy

Anxiety can leave you feeling drained due to the high and low levels of tiredness it causes. Some people feel extreme fatigue and always find themselves sleeping. Others only feel tired after having an anxiety attack. The mixed feelings and being worn out always leave you unproductive hence you spend the day sleeping. Some common reasons for getting stressed from anxiety are mental tiredness, depression, Post Muscle Tension, vasectomy and sleep issues.

  1. General negative attitudes or thoughts

When you have negative thoughts that pile up for a duration, you will have a meltdown in the form of a panic attack. These thoughts inhibit your ability to be creative, have problem-solving skills, have a clearer thinking on issues and also, they make you fall deeper into depression. You need to adopt a much healthier and happier lifestyle to alleviate stress.

  1. The sense of hopelessness and helplessness

Negative thoughts majorly cause a feeling of being helpless and hopeless. It is a feeling that makes you unable to pull yourself out of it completely. Hopelessness brings a negative view of the future believing that nothing will get better. Self-esteem and self-confidence are in turn greatly severed.


Stress and anxiety disorders are treatable, and with professional care, you will experience symptom relief and improve in your daily interactions. Additionally, stress is a topic that does not require impulse decision making hence the need for counselling.

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