How to Add Glamour to Your Winter Wardrobe

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Winter may not always equal glamour in your mind’s eye, but, with the season of chunky knits and wellington boots fast approaching, is there any way to add a sophisticated touch to your winter staples? Although you might just want to burrow into your cosy outfits as soon as the temperature drops, here are some top tips on how to look elegant even when there’s snow outside. 

  • Accessorise with Jewellery

Accessories can jazz up the appearance of any outfit, even those in winter. However, traditional winter accessories such as scarves and hats are often made to be purely practical, leaving any chance of glamour behind them. Rather than swap your delicate summer accessories, you should consider accessorising your warm weather clothing with jewellery. This will allow you to look elegant while still managing to stay warm in a knitted jumper or checked shirt. At, they are able to provide you with a wide range of beautiful pieces, from necklaces to bracelets, that can make any outfit look divine. 

  • Layer Your Outfits 

The next step to adding a dose of glamour to your daily life during the winter months is to layer your outfits. Even though your first thought might be how to stay warm in the chilly weather, layering will allow you to combine warm clothing with elegant pieces, such as a fitted coat or silk shirt, for example. Not only will layering help you to stay warmer and adjust to the ambient temperatures wherever you are, but it also means that you can dress for any occasion, hiding a glamourous outfit underneath a practical winter coat, or vice versa.

  • Invest in a Sophisticated Coat 

Unfortunately, winter is here to stay, and the clothing item that you may find yourself pulling out of the wardrobe more often than not is an autumn/winter coat. However, why should an item that you are going to wear for the next couple of months look anything less than perfect? From the traditional faux fur coat, which can add an ounce of opulence to any outfit, to the instantly chic tailored wool coat, there is no need to be anything but stylish this winter. 

  • Choose Luxurious Materials

Although winter might be dull, clothing stores are not, and, with winter upon us, it is easy to find a large assortment of luxurious materials that are completely ready for the party season. To upgrade your look with minimum effort, watch out for sumptuous materials like velvet and satin for a dressy outfit fit for a queen. These are not only found in party outfits though, with a lot of night and daywear such as blazers, shirts, and skirts tailored in these timeless fabrics. 

  • Wear Well-Fitting Pieces

Although you might only be concerned about the fit of your clothes when you go to a party or work, the fit of your clothing can be the difference between casualwear and glamour. Ensuring that your clothes are tailored to you can add an air of expense to any ensemble. If you are struggling with this, you should consider visiting a tailors to help you to transform your wardrobe, or simply study DIY methods to tailor your clothes.

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