How to Care for Your Car & Tyres at Home

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We all are worried that with taking safety measures for our health we need to take safety measures for things around us too , like our vehicles. Living in Scotland , we need to be more cautious as lockdown has caused many of us to not use our vehicles on a daily basis. This can result in car maintenance issues if our motor vehicles are not checked upon regularly.

The article states basic safety measures you can take during lockdown to make your car roadworthy.

Properly clean it up

Unless you have applied a ceramic car coating, a standing vehicle is most likely to accumulate dust and virus particles. These accumulated materials can also slip into the interior part of the car and damage the engine. What you should do is that even if you do not drive your vehicle regularly at least give it a proper wash with antibacterial detergents and clean water. In this way your exterior part of the car will be kept safe from viruses and dirt particles.

Look after the tyres

Cars locked up for a prolonged period of time can cause problems once you start them again. But what if your engine is properly working but the tyres have flatten out ? There is a high chance of tyres losing air pressure in them if the car has been kept standing for a longer time. What you can do is use tyre pressure gadget to fill in proper air in it or get it fixed by a nearby tyre garage. It is always advisable to choose a reliable garage for getting new tyres. If you are looking to buy tyres locally (01592631211) , then you should visit Fife- Autocentre.

Give a quick start to your engine

You know that if you are using your motor vehicle less frequently or it has been locked up in the garage due to lockdown. The engine might start to develop corrosion. If this is the case and the engine gets weak, proper electric current  to the battery might also not be reaching.  Therefore, in case it flattens out you should know why it occurred. To avoid such situations you can start your car engine twice a week at least for a few minutes so that the engine movement stabilizes all the idle components in the car like a battery.

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