How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

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We all know how important regular exercise is, but it can be hard to find the time or the motivation to get changed and travel to the gym every time you should have a workout, and when it comes to other things like running, the weather can always throw a spanner in the works. Having some fitness equipment you can use for an efficient, effective home workout means that you’ll never have the excuse of not having time to get to the gym, or of outdoor conditions being unpleasant, to skip a workout. You can use a home gym instead of or as well as other ways of exercising, but the important thing is having enough facilities at home to give you a proper workout and the kind of activity you actually enjoy (so you’ll use it!). Here are some ideas for creating the ideal home gym.

Have a Dedicated Room or Space for Your Gym

If you are using up valuable space in your home to be your gym, you’ll feel far more guilty if you don’t use it than if your ‘gym’ consists of an old exercise bike and some dusty dumbbells in a corner of the room (perhaps purchased along with a VHS tape of Cindy Crawford’s workout video in 1993). Setting your gym up as a dedicated space in a spare bedroom, loft, basement, or even in an outdoor structure like one of the cool garden rooms you can have built by companies like will not only help you feel more motivated to use it, but will also keep you focused on your workout. Having a proper routine where you dedicate the attention your fitness deserves is key to success in reaching your fitness goals, so you don’t want to be exercising while looking at the laundry you need to do or your computer sitting there waiting to be checked.

Buy Gear That Is Multipurpose

Even if you have a good amount of space for your gym, you have to consider buying things that will give you the most amount of training options for the least amount of pieces of equipment. While at the gym there are separate resistance machines for just about every muscle – that is not a realistic thing to have in a home gym – or a necessary one. In commercial gyms it is done that way so people keep moving from one machine to another and nobody has to wait too long between sets, but it is possible to buy ‘multi gym’ type equipment that features ways to use the same weights for different actions that train different muscles.

Have Some Entertainment!

While most people who think they are going to work out while watching TV never actually achieve it, it can be very good to have some music on or put on some music videos on a TV. This is what they do at commercial gyms because it is just distracting enough to stop you getting bored, but not so distracting your effort drops.

A home gym can be a great investment in your health, so why not plan yours now!

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