How to Host the Perfect Ladies’ Night in 3 Steps

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When the stresses of life and work commitments get too much for you, all you need is a good night in with your girlfriends. To make this night that you share with your girls as perfect as it can be, however, you’re going to put some work in, as this type of event doesn’t organise itself.

The work that you put in need not be too strenuous, though, as there are simple steps that can be taken when it comes to hosting the perfect ladies’ night. To find three of these steps, read on.

Make it fun

Of course, you’ll want to spend a large portion of your night catching up with your girls (over a few glasses of wine), but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a section of the party fun. By setting aside some time for you all to gather around and enjoy some group entertainment together, everybody will leave your ladies’ night feeling like they’ve been to an event, not just a catch-up.

There are many different ways to make your party fun. You could challenge your girls to game of Trivial Pursuit, or, to keep it more light-hearted, you could play something like Pictionary. If you want to incorporate drinking into your gaming, then the Piccolo app is always a safe bet.

Make it relaxed

You should try to make your ladies’ night as relaxing an escape from the reality of work as it can possibly be. To make your party relaxing, you should consider offering home-made spa treatments to your girls — everyday ingredients such as yoghurt and oatmeal make for great face masks if that’s your type of thing! If they are comfortable, willing and able to do so, you should also kindly ask your girls to turn off their phones for the evening. The photo uploading and status posting can wait until tomorrow morning — tonight; it’s all about you all enjoying each other’s company in real life, not through a screen.

Make the event seem important and special

You and your girls being together for the first time in ages is an important and special event, which means that you should make the party that you host for them seem important and special. To do this, you should consider hiring some help when it comes to the hospitality that you offer. You can hire bartenders to come and serve at your private party from Event Bartenders, for instance — when you do, you’ll have professionally trained staff work for you throughout the night, and your girls will be bound to absolutely love it!

In order to treat your girls like the princesses and queens that they are, you should host for them the perfect ladies’ night in. When you come to organising such an event, make sure to take the advice laid out above. Make it fun, make it relaxing, and make it special. By doing so, you will all have one of the best nights ever.

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