How to Make Sure Your Bathroom’s Stylish but Low-Maintenance

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Bathrooms are one of the worst rooms in the home for collecting dust, dirt and clutter. From piles of products lined up on your windowsill to grout that soon looks grubby and mouldy, there are so many time-consuming elements to a bathroom.

So how do you make sure your bathroom’s easy to keep clean and tidy but looks no less stylish?

Utilise Great Storage Solutions

One of the most untidy things about a bathroom is the clutter of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other beauty essentials that adorn windowsills, the side of the bath and around your sink.

Get rid of these, though, and you’ll enjoy a much more spacious, clean-looking bathroom and one that’s easier to clean (no more picking up endless toiletries to get to the surfaces to clean!).

Shop around for storage solutions that’ll utilise the space in your bathroom while adding a nice feature. Under-the-sink storage is great as it makes the most of this dead space, or wall cupboards that won’t eat up into floor space are ideal.

Narrow Down Your Toiletries

We’re all guilty of having numerous shampoos and other products on the go. Whether you and your partner prefer different products or you’ve just decided to try something new but haven’t used up the old shampoo first, you can soon start to collect no end of toiletries.

So, as you’re starting to declutter all your bottles into your new storage solution, consider what you could throw out or how you could eventually reduce the number of bottles you need. Find one decent shampoo and conditioner that everyone loves and you’ll dramatically reduce the clutter in your bathroom (and the waste from your bottles, too).

Install Practical Features

To reduce cleaning time while keeping things looking sleek, consider what features you can install that will minimise mess. For example, investing in blinds that are designed to withstand moisture will make life much easier by requiring less frequent cleaning.  

Equally, if you’re having a complete overhaul in your bathroom, you may want to opt for shower boards instead of tiles as this significantly reduces the amount of grout needed (and the subsequent cleaning).

Or, if you do want to keep your tiles, consider using a darker grout that won’t look grubby. Many on-trend bathroom designs now utilise a darker grout with a lighter tile to create a stunning feature but one that’s unbelievably practical.

Keep on Top of Your Cleaning

Finally, once you have all of these practical features in your bathroom, make cleaning day a breeze by keeping on top of the dusting, etc. during the week.

A great way to do this is to have a quick wipe around with a microfibre cloth every day or so. This easily gets rid of any dust and grime so it doesn’t build up and will leave your bathroom looking beautifully clean for much longer.

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