How to Make Your Garden Decor Sizzle in 2021

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If there’s one good thing to come out of the COVID pandemic (and talking about ‘good’ in this context really is stretching a point), it’s that a lot of us have had the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors again.

Official UK government figures reveal half of adults report spending more time outdoors than prior to the pandemic. And while the biggest increase has been in people leaving the house to exercise, especially amongst those working from home, another major trend has been in people spending more time outside in their gardens.

We might be on the verge of being able to socialise indoors again, albeit sticking to the ‘rule of six’ until late June at the earliest. But there are no signs that the shift to outdoor living will decline as soon as the green light to welcome guests indoors again is given.

The fact that the UK garden retail sector has reported record sales this spring is an indication of just how much people are investing in their outdoor spaces. Naturally, if you’ve put time, money and effort into your garden, you want to make the most of it.

However much you have done, there is still room to add a little extra here and there that will really bring your garden to life – especially with restrictions on how many people you can entertain outdoors (up to a maximum of 30) soon to be lifted.

Here are three tips for adding finishing touches to your garden decor that will really add a wow factor for your guests.

Kadai Fire Bowls and Accessories

The obvious outdoor entertainment option when you can start welcoming larger groups into your garden is to have a BBQ. You may already have a conventional charcoal or gas grill outdoors. But for something a little different, we don’t think you can beat a Kadai fire bowl for outdoor cooking.

We love these traditional Indian fire pits because they are practical, versatile and attractive enough to make a centrepiece for your garden. With a Kadai, you are getting way more than a BBQ. With the range of accessories available, from griddle plates to grill trays to a full tripod set up for hanging whatever pots and pans you need over the open flames, you are getting a complete outdoor cooking experience, allowing you to whip up whatever dishes you like.

In addition, unlike a conventional BBQ, a Kadai bowl doubles up as a reliable heat source for when the evenings start to turn a little chilly. Once you have finished cooking, just pile the logs high and you will have a roaring fire to keep your guests warm as the skies darken.

Rustic Wooden Tableware

There is no doubt that one of the great attractions of dining and entertaining outdoors is the feeling of somehow connecting to nature as you cook and eat. This is, after all, what people did for thousands of years before we started tucking ourselves away inside solid brick homes.

Why not go big on this natural vibe and swap some of your more conventional ceramic tableware accessories for wooden equivalents? For example, these Olivia cutting boards are simply adorable. Each one is totally unique, hand-carved from olive wood with its own distinct grain pattern, size and shape. They make a real statement for serving drinks and small dishes on.

Similarly, we absolutely adore these wooden brick moulds – the genuine article which in a previous life were used to make bricks in India! Reclaimed and given a new lease of life, they make for a unique and attractive centrepiece for your table, useful for holding candles, condiments or anything else you like.

Lighting That Adds Sparkle

Just as a Kadai fire bowl serves as a welcome source of warmth when the garden parties drag on late into the evening, lighting becomes another important consideration. We have, after all, spent so much time apart from family and friends, why stop the fun just because the sun goes down?

Lighting can be used to add something really magical to late summer evenings in the garden. Following on from the wooden tableware theme, why not add a touch of class to your outdoor dining table with this simple yet sophisticated reclaimed wooden candle holder

We are also big fans of candle-lit lanterns for the garden. A classic option is a traditional glass storm lantern, an elegant way to protect candles from any breeze that happens to be blowing. For something a little more eye-catching, you can’t go wrong with this pretty cut metal star lantern, designed to throw out intricate shadows. 

Leaving candles aside, we also love these oriental-inspired solar lanterns, powered by solar rechargeable LED lights. As attractive as they are eco-friendly, they automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, recharging by day to provide a constant source of light for your garden at night.

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